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Taiwan Air Force F-16B rolled off the runway during landing, September 2021.
On September 9, 2021, at the Zhongzheng Naval Base of the Navy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Suao (Yilan County) a ceremony was held for the introduction of the head missile corvette-catamaran "Tajiang" of the improved design into the Taiwanese naval forces Tuo Jiang II (tail number 619).
Taiwanese media outlets have dubbed the catamarans corvettes "carrier killers," referring to the opposition to the growing PLA navy. The ship with a displacement of 685 tons is equipped with modernized anti-ship missiles Hsiung Feng III, which have a cruising speed of about 3M and a firing range of up to 150-180 km.

At the same time, a ceremony was held at this naval base for the introduction of the second minelayer of the Min Jiang project (with an automated system for laying sea mines) into the Taiwanese Navy.
A drill was held on the streets of the capital Taipei for a possible Chinese attack.

•This exercise is within the scope of Han Kuang.


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October 21, 2021, first flight of the third prototype of the XT-5 Yongying (勇 鷹, "Brave Eagle") jet combat training aircraft took place at the Qingquangang Air Force Base of the Taiwan Air Force. The XT-5 aircraft is based on the design of the F-SK-1V two-seat combat training fighter, but has a lightweight airframe with extensive use of composite materials. The aircraft lost its radar and cannon armament, but at the same time it received a reinforced chassis and an increased fuel supply.
ХТ-5 Taiwan5.jpgХТ-5 Taiwan4.jpgХТ-5 Taiwan3.jpgХТ-5 Taiwan2.jpgХТ-5 Taiwan1.jpg
October 28, 2021, at the Kaohsiung shipyard, a ceremony was held for the introduction of the third coast guard catamaran ship CG-603 Tamsui (淡水 艦) into the Coast Guard of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the christening ceremony of the fourth ship of this project, named CG-605 Cijin (ide津 艦).
The Anping project catamarans are built on the basis of the Tuo Jiang project missile corvette-catamaran, which is in service with the Taiwanese Navy and have a length of 65.4 meters, a displacement of 600 tons, equipped with a high-pressure water cannon, a machine gun with an automatic target tracking system, a control system capable of tracking targets at night and in poor visibility conditions.
The cruising speed of the ships is 44 knots.
According to the Taiwan Coast Guard Administration (CGA), catamarans can also carry anti-ship anti-ship missiles Hsiung Feng II and Hsiung Feng III. A total of 12 ships of this type are planned to be built.
Kaohsiung shipyard8.jpgKaohsiung shipyard7.jpgKaohsiung shipyard6.jpgKaohsiung shipyard5.jpgKaohsiung shipyard4.jpgKaohsiung shipyard3.jpgKaohsiung shipyard2.jpgKaohsiung shipyard1.jpg
The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China (Taiwan) reported that the number of Lockheed Martin F-16A fighters of the Air Force of the RoC, which were upgraded by the Taiwanese Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) into the F-16V version, reached 60 units by the end of October 2021. ... In 2016, the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China (Taiwan) awarded a $ 3.8 billion contract with Lockheed Martin to upgrade 142 Taiwan Air Force F-16A / B Block 20 fighters to F-16V, with work to be completed in 2017- 2022 at the AIDC facilities in Taichung.
Taiwanese Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation F-16V.jpg
Taiwan has unveiled an ‘ironman’ exoskeleton suit on October 26, 2021. The first generation lower-body suit enables soldiers to carry heavy loads and reportedly move at speeds of up to 6km/h (3.7mph). It’s designed to enhance endurance on the battlefield, as well as for use in rescue and relief missions. The demonstration comes amid heightened tensions across the Taiwan Strait. By 2023, the self-ruled island’s defence ministry plans to develop version 2.0 of the suit with even greater capabilities.
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first of all thx for the a quick question: are there any plans to purchase the turrets of the M1128 and to equippe them on your Snow Leopard 8x8?
first of all thx for the a quick question: are there any plans to purchase the turrets of the M1128 and to equippe them on your Snow Leopard 8x8?
Wrong thread I think @Stimpy75 , the Snow Leopard is a PLA vehicle ;)

Taiwan’s army troops stay behind armed vehicles during a drill in Hsinchu military base ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday in Taiwan on Jan. 19.

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