President Castillo leads tribute to Peru's Navy

12:00 | Callao (Callao region), Oct. 8.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Saturday participated in the ceremony marking the 201st anniversary of the Peruvian Navy —the day on which the 143rd anniversary of the Naval Battle of Angamos is also commemorated.

The event took place at Plaza Grau in Callao region.

It started with the raising of the Peruvian flag and the singing of the National Anthem. Afterwards, a minute of silence was observed. Later, the hymn to Peruvian hero Miguel Grau Seminario was sung.

This event was attended by Vice-President of the Republic Dina Boluarte, Prime Minister Anibal Torres, Defense Minister Daniel Barragan, Congress Chairman Jose Williams Zapata, and Judiciary Chairwoman Elvia Barrios, among other authorities.

It also saw the presence of high-ranking officers from the Peruvian Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Police.

The Peruvian Navy was founded on October 8, 1821 —the year of Peruvian Independence. For its part, the Battle of Angamos took place on October 8, 1879.

On that date, a group of men (crew members of the Huascar ironclad) commanded by the Grand Admiral of Peru, Miguel Grau Seminario, were protagonists of one of the most memorable and glorious naval battles in the maritime history of nations.

This battle concluded with the death of Grau Seminario —also known as the Knight of the Seas.

Marines during the commemorative ceremony of Peruvian Navy's 201st anniversary and Battle of Angamos' 143th anniversary, 2022.
The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte participated in the ceremony marking the christening and launching of the Navy's Multipurpose Ship BAP Paita.

President Boluarte underscored that the construction of the Multipurpose Ship BAP Paita is one of the actions that integrates the country's economic recovery plan called Boost Peru, in which public and private sectors converge.

Said plan includes measures aimed at industrial reform in Peru, strengthening in this context the naval industry.

"This will have a multiplier effect on the industrial network," she added.

Mrs. Boluarte indicated that the aforementioned ship will not only enable the Navy to carry out its work in defense of Peru's sea, it will also facilitate disaster risk management and the transportation of humanitarian aid.


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Civic-military parade in Lima marks Peru's 202nd Independence Day​

Lima, Jul 29 (EFE).- Peruvians gathered Saturday for the great civic-military parade on the occasion of the National Holidays, which commemorate the country's independence and which had not been celebrated in the streets of Lima for three years due to the covid-19 pandemic. Peru gained its independence on 28 July 1821

Peruvian Navy commemorates 202nd anniversary of its founding and 144th anniversary of the glorious naval battle of Angamos

Information Note

October 9, 2023 - 12:02 p.m.
In a solemn civic-patriotic ceremony led by the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte Zegarra, and attended by civilian and military authorities, the Peruvian Navy commemorated on October 8 at the Grau Square in Callao, the 202nd anniversary of its institutional founding and the 144th anniversary of the glorious naval battle of Angamos.

According to the program, at 09:50 hours, a minute of silence was observed in honor of the Great Admiral of Peru, Miguel Grau Seminario, recalling the moment he departed to glory in the epic naval battle.

Likewise, floral tributes were placed at the monument perpetuating his memory, offered on behalf of the Nation, Ministry of Defense, Regional Government of Callao, Embassies, and Institutions related to the Navy. Subsequently, a liturgical action was officiated by the Military Bishopric of Peru.

In the reading of the institutional proclamation, the Chief of the Navy, Admiral Luis Polar Figari, evoked the early years of naval history and passages of the Angamos epic, highlighting the legacy of heroic naval duty fulfillment. He also emphasized the roles fulfilled by the Institution, both in safeguarding the national maritime domain, disaster risk management, supporting the State's foreign policy, and contributing to the country's development.

At the end of the ceremony, the military parade commenced with the martial march and evolutions on foot by the "Captain de Navío Juan Fanning" Historical Company, offering an allegory to the seamen who fought for national pacification. Subsequently, the formations of the Armed Forces and National Police marched in, and it concluded with the martial and gallant entrance of the naval formation, comprised of the Blue and Gold Brigade companies, Association of Former Naval Cadets of Peru, cadets, nautical cadets, students, marines, special operators, naval police sailors, and representatives of the operative forces.

Finally, the Head of State embarked on the missile frigate B.A.P. "Aguirre" (FM 55), where she reviewed the units afloat and cast a floral tribute into the sea in honor of the Knight of the Seas and the brave crew of the "Huáscar."

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Jan 2019, a Mirage 2000P with a Matra Magic II training round pulls into the top of a loop for the camera. Delivered from 1986 and not significantly upgraded, the dozen Mirage 2000s (including a pair of two-seat 2000DP models) remain in service at La Joya with Escuadrón Aéreo 412, under Grupo Aéreo No 4.

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