Photos My Modelling Years me this is one of those vehicles that what kind of dio do I put this in!!! None of my builds were ever standalones always in diorama. This was a dilemma then I remembered the pick I put on here I believe in one of the American Halftracks albumns,the Remmagan bridgehead.

bridgehead 4.jpg
...ok,so now we come to the most controversial diorama I ever did,it received a lot of rave reviews,lots of pics taken of this one and a lot of dim views!!! I received a showing at a local library,they were doing a modeling showcase with some of their books they had and I offered to help with the model end of it. We were given a very large glass showcase and I got together a few modelling buddys to lend a hand and it turned out pretty nice,immediately drew alot of attention.I got home with all of the boxes from my stuff as well as the other guys boxes. I got a phone call from a very irate woman screaming for the model display to be taken down so back I go with all the boxes and remove the display!! Apparently she was the head Liberian and was of French decent,no toleration for History!!! Anyways here is my piece that caused the uproar,The Dispatch Rider!!

dispatch 1.jpg
dispatch 2.jpg
dispatch 3.jpg
dispatch 4.jpg
dispatch 5.jpg
dispatch 6.jpg
dispatch 7.jpg
dispatch 8.jpg
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...for those of you who like winter dios this next one is a fairly old one built when Tamyia came out with the german tank riders in winter gear,the panzer 4 is from Italiary and the snow is tile grout,it does sparkle like the real stuff and it has it`s own glue,and is available in many colours. A word of caution USE A MASK this stuff is lethal to your wellbeing! So when you are ready to apply the snow just use a little plastic spoon from your last icecream sundae liberally shovel it onto your dio,slowly. After you have the stuff on the way you like it then you`ll be ready for the next step. Get yourself a glass or plastic eyedropper and a bowl of luke warm water and gently start soaking down the snow,no grooming needed and let dry overnight,that`s it,it`ll be rock hard in the morning!![no pun intended here].

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...thanks to Bombardier and BravoZulu,the next one is a bit of half and half,half kit and half scratchbuilt! It is the Cromwell ARV[ armoured recovery vehicle] which falls into one of the categories that I love building, not much to it really,turret removed lots of tools boxes kind of stowage!

cromwell arv-1.jpg
cromwell arv-2.jpg
cromwell arv-3.jpg
cromwell arv-4.jpg
Last edited by a moderator: is a British Sherman negotiating a country stone bridge in a winter setting. Actually the bridge was a simple stone foot bridge made here in Victoria by Synergy. I cut it straight in half added a piece of cobblestone roadway from Synergy in between,glued it on either side and made it wide enough for a tank of general size.

British Sherm-1.jpg
British Sherm-2.jpg
British Sherm-3.jpg
British Sherm-4.jpg
British Sherm-5.jpg
British Sherm-6.jpg
British Sherm-7.jpg
British Sherm-8.jpg
British Sherm-9.jpg
British Sherm-10.jpg
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...this next vehicle is a King Tiger II in a winter scene,something that I did was to use the Flak gun spotter in winter gear as a commander,remove his head and replace it with a bald one and sculpted a Russian style winter cap with ear flaps out of kids modelling clay and sealed it with white glue and painted it grey. All of the trees are pulled up dead flowering plants,the roots are what makes great delicate trees.

bulge tiger-3.jpg
bulge tiger-4.jpg
bulge tiger-5.jpg
bulge tiger-6.jpg
bulge tiger-7.jpg
bulge tiger-8.jpg
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...when you do a diorama using large vehicles and three or more the base becomes a little awkward to manover,thank God this one now resides in Holland!! We are in North Afrika and a Tiger I has engine trouble due to sand and a Tiger I recovery vehicle has pulled up to lend a hand and of course management wants to know what the holdup is! All you modelers out there looking for that one piece of ruin,check out fish tank supply's. Ground cover is a mix of sand from Micheals,if you have one,sandy tile grout and a light coloured gravel!

North Afrika-1.jpg
North Afrika-2.jpg
North Afrika-3.jpg
North Afrika-4.jpg
North Afrika-5.jpg
North Afrika-6.jpg
North Afrika-7.jpg
North Afrika-8.jpg
North Afrika-9.jpg
North Afrika-10.jpg
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...a few odds and ends that I finished and placed on handling boards ready for dios. Some are altered kits while others are completely scratch built!

British halft-1.jpg
British halft-2.jpg
British halft-3.jpg
British halft-4.jpg
British halft-5.jpg
British halft-6.jpg
Canadian portee-1.jpg
Canadian portee-2.jpg
Canadian portee-3.jpg
Canadian portee-4.jpg
Canadian portee-5.jpg
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...the only things I utilised in the fuel truck were the running gear and the fuel tank itself from the Italeri CCKW 353 6x6,everything else was scratchbuilt....the Ford Staff Car is a 1/24th scale car model very much altered.Tires are 1/35th scale wide directional mud and sand from the Churchill Crocodile flame thrower trailer.don,t delieve i ever built a Croc flame thrower!! ...the Breakdown Gantry was completely scratchbuilt except for the wheels and running gear and if you look closely enough there is a scratched vise attached to a table!
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...thankyou for the nice comment Bravozulu and if there are any questions that you modelers might have about how I did things back in the day please do ask! So this next one is one of my favourites even though it wasn`t what I was usually doing and was built in a week,for a show and competition,knew some guys were coming from the mainland so wanted to give a good shot in! This idea came straight from a photo that is I believe in one of my soldiers in action albums but had to rearrange some to fit the base. This one I call Souvenir.

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...I think the story is that this squad took out this Panther and is taking a much needed rest. Now in the photo of this scene the tank is parked the same way but up to the left side of the building and the guys are taking five directly against the building under the front window.
...thankyou Milan but I`m afraid you haven`t seen the half of it yet!! On that note here are a couple of flak trucks,one captured the other German made. The Opel has been turned into a 4x4 and has a 2cm gun.

cmp flak -1.jpg
cmp flak -2.jpg
cmp flak -3.jpg
cmp flak -4.jpg
cmp flak -5.jpg
cmp flak -6.jpg
flak truck-1.jpg
flak truck-2.jpg
flak truck-3.jpg
flak truck-4.jpg
flak truck-5.jpg
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