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  1. Milan Mynar

    Photos T-80BV Zvezda 1/35

    This is my new project. The model is originally from the Dragon company, packed in a box from the Zvezda company. With all the pros and cons. The pros are relatively few parts, the lack of a drive wheel needs to be extended.
  2. Erik W

    Photos M1A2 SEPv2 w/CROWS II LP - 1/72 scale kitbash

    What started out as what I thought would be a quick build has turned into a multi-month project. This is the Flyhawk 1/72 scale M1A2 SEP modified to be a v2 version. One of the best detailed and molded kits I’ve built in any scale. I like the looks of the M1A2 SEPv2 with low profile CROWS II...
  3. D

    Other Post Humbrol enamel paints

    I thought there was a modelling thread but can't see one so.... The lad is getting into airfix models at the minute.... The latest kit didn't come with any I correct in thinking that Humbrol enamel paints are oil based and require white spirit to clean etc....? I can't seem to...
  4. H

    Other Post XXIV. Mosonshow, Monmagyaróvár, Hungary, 2019 The annual Mosonmagyaróvár Modeling Club and organized by Association chief Modeling Exhibition and Competition has become an outstanding event in Europe over the past 20 years. The tournament can start in different categories of entrants: combat vehicles...
  5. TIZER

    Photos Tools of the trade : My airbrushes

    i think every model kit builder started off with a badger Airbrush and i'm still no different i still have my trusty Badger 200NH as pictured, along with my Aztek A4709T Air brush, and my Tamiya Spray Work HG-T airbrush (the same company that manufactures the Tamiya AB "BB Rich company" also...
  6. Milan Mynar

    Photos My models of the WW I vehicles

    My models of the WW I vehicles.
  7. Milan Mynar

    Photos Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Railway

    Here you are my latest project. This is an ICM kit, easy to build.
  8. sas

    Photos My Modelling Years

    ...many many moons ago like back in the 70`s I was at home lounging around just listening to you got it 70s rock from LP record. My wife was out shopping at a nearby strip mall. She came home with the usual groceries and something else. Now she new I had grownup as an Army brat so she stopped in...
  9. tomthounaojam

    Other Post Modelling Tips and Tricks plus modeling news.

    Hi Guys, This thread is for modeling related questions, from building to weathering to new kits in town ask/share all about it here. I am not an expert, just that I like making modeling in my free times and being in a country which is not very accessible to modeling stuff, sometimes I have to...
  10. tomthounaojam

    Photos 1/72 Rafale B&C

    Hi Guys, Will keep simple, the kit made from HobbyBoss has a fit issue near the intakes but a nice kit to build, painted using Tamiya grey Regards
  11. Nansouty

    Photos French WW2 armour

    Hello gentlemen, I more of a wargamer than a modeller, so my level of expertise will be... what it is, but I can't resist the lure of doing a first post in this section which I'd have loved to find on *grins* 1940 style, 2 H39 and a Traction Avant, the iconic Citroën of the 2nd...
  12. tomthounaojam

    Photos Dassault Mirage F.1C Hasegawa

    Hi Folks, This is my first thread here, I used to post on themess and, however I will start my account with this post. Last week I started this kit, even tho this kit came out in 1983 it is still a good kit, tho details might be less especially the cockpit area but it was sure fun to...
  13. NebrHogger

    Photos A new book on military modeling

    Vol. 2 of Toy Soldiers is done and ready to order. Russ, the publisher made dioramas for which I wrote narratives. From actual history to outright fantasy, there's quite a variety of dioramas. This sort of thing is a lot of fun for me, and I very much enjoyed it. Some of the scenes required...
  14. Pretorian

    Photos Military Model - Box Art

    Some Box Art from military model Kits :) 3.7cm PaK 35-36 auf Sd.Kfz.10 Steyr - Mittleren Panzerwageb M-35 Steyr ADGZ - Mittleren Panzerwageb M-35
  15. William V Burns

    Photos Autonomous Scale M113A

    I'm working on building an autonomous Arduino-controlled rover using the planform of the M113A APC.
  16. Erik W

    Photos My random military models

    As you can see from these photos, I seem to model whatever strikes my fancy, rather than stick with one type of modeling. It's been fun over the years to learn new skills and techniques. After being away from modeling for quite a few years, I built this plastic 1/48 scale Tiger I. Next...
  17. C

    Photos Our New Military Figures Site

    Our New Military Figures Site Dear friends! A few days ago we launched a new site with many photos of the figures painted by ourselves and the photos we took in museums in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Malbork). The site has two versions: English and Russian. We hope you'll like it. If you are...
  18. razorboy

    Photos Razorboy Miniatures Site Updated for January 2012!

    Razorboy Miniatures Updated for January 2012! Featuring the AMAZING artistry of Sang-Eon Lee, 25 new "Wreck" pics just added, Tech Tips, Videos, Links and much, much more! Please join us and while you're there, be sure to vote for Razorboy Miniatures as your "Top Modeling Site"...
  19. razorboy

    Photos 1/35 scale Gebirgsjager LG40 WIP

    A few weeks ago I began work on my current project, Dragon's 1/35 scale LG40 7.5cm recoiless gun. This gun wasproduced in both 7.5cm and 10.5cm calibers and was extremely portable and lightweight. It was used extensively by Fallschirmjager units and saw some service with Gebirgsjager troops in...