military diorama

  1. T

    Photos "Take'em Down!"

    This is a remake of a previous diorama, together with vehicles from another diorama added to the mix. There is also a newer vehicle added to the diorama to give it more flavor. The reason for this new diorama mixed with the old, is because, the previous one got destroyed. So I came up with this...
  2. T

    Photos D9R - 'Major Overhaul' Diorama Stage 2

    Hi all. This is what I’ve been working on lately. It’ a D9R propped on wooden blocks. This is the center piece for my latest diorama.
  3. sas

    Photos My Modelling Years

    ...many many moons ago like back in the 70`s I was at home lounging around just listening to you got it 70s rock from LP record. My wife was out shopping at a nearby strip mall. She came home with the usual groceries and something else. Now she new I had grownup as an Army brat so she stopped in...
  4. M4A1 76 W Sherman Delight

    M4A1 76 W Sherman Delight