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SMS Kaiser opens fire on HMS Warspite at Jutland by Paul Wright
"The Landing at Gallipoli Peninsula" by Charles Edward Dixon

British troops landing from the River Clyde on 25th April 1915 during the first landings on V Beach, Cape Helles: Gallipoli, 25th April 1915
Still life of an American Pattern Helmet.

This painting is part of a war helmet series that Meagher produced in his continuing documentation of modern day masculinity. It explores men's engagement with military relics as repositories of personal and collective memories. Meagher commented that his own father still treasures a pair of binoculars and pith helmet which were owned by his father Peter James Meagher who fought in the Light Horse in Palestine 1917-18. For his father they remain tangible objects for his father to remember him by from that moment in history.
"Black 714" ... military marking of the Lublin R-XIII G aircraft in the colors of Polish naval aviation, August 1939 ... the last breath of peace. In the background, ORP Wicher is walking, both machines will land on the seabed in September 1939.

The Continental Brigantine Andrew Doria under way with CAPT. Nicholas Biddle in command.
The Battle for Fox Green Beach. Watercolor by Navy Combat Artist Dwight Shepler, 1944, showing USS Emmons (DD-457) bombarding in support of the Omaha Beach landings, on D-Day of the Normandy invasion, 6 June 1944. Courtesy of the U.S. Navy Art Collection, Washington, D.C. Official U.S. Navy Photograph. Catalog #: KN-570

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