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Jul 15, 2022

I'm looking for information pertaining to the 25th Infantry division "Tropic Lightning" in Vietnam. My great uncle served during the war and i'm trying to see if anyone can tell me if they might recognize any of these faces or served with them? The Gentleman in the photo with name "De Lore" is unknown and i'm trying to find out what his first name was or any other information pertaining to him.

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I forgot to mention that "De Lore" was KIA and I cannot find any record of his death and his name is not on the Vietnam Veterans wall that I can tell. this is more than finding information, but also about having this hero remembered and recognized for his sacrifice.
Can you narrow it down to a sub unit and year? A division is a very large unit.
I'm working on finding out more information, my great uncles names is Jerry "Jeremiah" Rebholz, from the vague information I have at the moment it was in the first few years of the conflict there and they trained and potentially stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii prior to going Oconus.

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