Question? Looking for 1/35 scale and 25-28mm Vietnam US Navy models.


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Apr 22, 2011
Hey all! Following on from my question in the Military Pictures section, does ANYONE know of any sites that sell 1/35 and 25-28mm scale models of US Navy boats during the Vietnam War? I've found 1 'Pibber' by Tamiya, but i'm also looking for models of the 'Monitor' boats, specifically the "Tango", "Zippo", "Douche", and C+C boats. I've heard that there are models of these boats around but i've only been able to find scratch-built ones which are no good as i'm better at destroying things than putting them back together (i'm ex-REME after all!).

I heard that Westwind Models do 25-28mm models of Monitor's to go with their "Fireteam Vietnam" tabletop game but there aren't any pics on their site, and i'd rather see something before I buy it. Does anyone have any of these models, or links to sites that sell them? ship;
Is yours a kit or scratch built?
any pics

stupid me I see it's built by tamiya, will you be building any parts from scratch :rolleyes:
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