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As part of the ongoing Ex Cope India 23, US Air Force & IAF aircraft flew airdrop missions to a Dropping Zone in the eastern sector.
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Pine Division carried out manoeuvre exercises with live firing to hone crew skills and accurate shooting in fast paced mobile operations. Indian Army Kharga Corps
Troops of Shatrujeet Brigade & Spear corps, Indian Army undertook a Joint Exercise with IAF to validate execution of Rapid Reaction Capability followed by conduct of Operations in High Altitude terrain.
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Exercise Shatru Vinash Quick Reaction Force Indian Army & Shatrujeet Brigade validated Integrated Multi Domain Operations. Features rapid mobilisation, air landed & special heliborne operations followed by operations in High Altitude Area by incorporating Force Multipliers.
GOC, White knight witnessed & reviewed Integrated Training of Mechanised Forces on Chenab in Akhnoor.

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