Photos Mistercraft Mig-21 1/72 Indian Air Force Polka dots


The Glue Sniffer
MI.Net Member
Apr 9, 2019
Hi Guys,

I have never had the intention to build this kit as the IAF Mig-21 15 squadron the lancer with Polka dots over the yellow, these markings were for early aggressor training. I bought this kit for the decals which had a sexy one and I had some Eduard kits for it, however, after seeing the kit I thought why not I do a quick build, the parts were simple and some parts oversimplified but I have no complaint you can't beat the price and also expect good quality it. So, I thought why not build the kit as well, so I end with these big polka dots mig-21, masking the black was simple well there is a trick to it and rather very simple one hehe. I will tell if one anyone is interested. So here it is Mig-21 15 squadron the lancer, 1992 Jodhpur.

Thank you for looking, and this being my last build for the year. Happy New Year 2020.

Cheers everyone


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