Intro Uk Memorials With An Indian Connection


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Apr 15, 2016
I came across this forum while informally scoping a possible project for Families in British India Society (FIBIS).
FIBIS volunteers had already done a lot of work photographing gravestones and memorials in India, and then transcribing the inscriptions before adding the photos and searchable data onto the FIBIS website
I am looking at the possibility of extending the database to include memorials in the UK which remember men, women and children who died in India.
I am impressed by the number of high quality photos on this forum which meet my criteria, and I hope that it may be possible, with the proper permissions, to add some of these photos to the FIBIS database.
Thank you.
Most of the grave stone and memorial photos were uploaded by @28th61st so permizsion would be granted by him including of course any credit he may request that you give.

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You can of course contact any member to request permission just ensure that they confirm they own the image copyright before using
Yes, thanks. I have been in contact with @28th61st who has kindly agreed to let me use his photos. Now I have to get the OK from FIBIS, and then I can start working on a few samples to see how it works.
Thanks again

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