Intro Hi all im new, im female and im here!!

Took me a few attempts to figure out how to do this...(blush)
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Riana, (if I may),
You are to be complimented for what you are doing. Paying homage to those soldiers from a previous war and keeping alive the memory of your Father and others that paid the ultimate price for their nations safety. Those that still live are also worthy of note and it is very compassionate of you to bring attention and possible assistance to them for what many may still carry as a burden of their war-time experiences. There is a common denominator that sets those apart who fight a war from those who only start or direct a war. Win or lose, it is the front line participants who suffer the long term consequences of either killing the enemy or regrettably, dying for their nations objectives. I am very impressed with your blog and I believe you to be extraordinary when it comes to being a daughter that is paying homage to her Father. You are displaying honor to your Father and therefore displaying honor to all of the forgotten heroes of this war and for that I respect you and thank you. As far as getting "professional help" on this forum or any other for PTSD and other related maladies such as survivors guilt, you probably won't get much if any response from licensed and legitimate professionals. The liability and legal issues will preclude this not to mention the monetary loss that this would involve. However, what you will find on this site is a wealth of information that is free and also much first hand knowledge of PTSD and related maladies from members of this site that have walked the same path as your Fathers fellow soldiers. I include myself in this last description but I am possibly not one who has all the answers, as I am still on my own personal journey of discovery and revelations about my own demons and ghosts from my war, but I can point you in the right direction and I can provide you with some helpful insight from my own perspective and experiences. Go to the thread on here about PTSD that Bomber started for us and read the posts that have been written so far. Remember, this is a highly charged issue that everyone deals with differently. There is no one solution that fits all presentations but I do know from personal experience that PTSD can be lived with if you set perimeters for yourself and learn what to avoid and what and when to confront. As I said earlier, I'm no teacher and definitely I'm no preacher, I'm just a student of life that is a survivor of life and many times, I wonder why ?
Semper Fi
Thank u Semper Fi, u sure sound like u know what u r talking about. Maybe i can somehow link this forum to my blog, but how do i do that??

I'm just a student of life that is a survivor of life and many times, I wonder why ?
Semper Fi

Hi Fox

I'll tell you why mate, because somebody has to come back and tell the stories that need telling.

I open our British Airborne meetings with these words and the members join in.

"They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them."

After a moments silent remembrance we place our right hand over our hearts and say "Lest we forget"

As long as one of us is still standing, then they will not be forgotten, that's why old buddy.

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I think u guys misunderstood Semperfi, i think he means he wonder why he is a survivor...

I know why im doing what im doing, maybe its 4 selfish reasons, as im busy healing myself while doing this. But i really have this wish to help others. i know i cant help ppl who dont want to be helped, but as a survivor or PTSD i allso know that most of the time we r so deep in that we feel its just too much of a hassle and we just dont have the energy to get out of it. I wish i could be the hand to pull them out of the deespest darkest dispairs. I wished so many times I had a hand like that when i was down there...sal;

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