Book Defensive Shield: An Israeli Special Forces Commander on the front line of counterterrorism

I bought this book back in the second half of 2017 whilst I was jobless and job hunting. Compared to most memoirs about SF personnel, this book gives a unique perspective on the strategic level of things, especially Israel's national defense policy. I find the chapter about Operation Beach Boys in Lebanon fascinating, especially in how they handled the discovery and operation against Hezbollah's 'nature reserves'. This is overall a very good book and I'd say a must-read for those who are interested in the IDF or especially the 2006 war in Lebanon.

Another good book that I'd love to read soon and recommend is this:
What was shocking for me was the total indecision, orders, counter-orders and counter-counter-ordres. The fights between the NORTHCOM, the CGS and the Ministry of Defense and between Generals, the Intel never released that could have saved life.
Gal Hirsch had really rude times during the second Lebanon war and the years after.
I see that since 1956 nothing had changed.
Yep, what shocked me when I read this book is the intense rivalry between the different commands and units. One can only wonder how many disasters and tragedies that happened in the 2006 war could have been averted.

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