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Oct 5, 2016
Bangladesh started out on 16th december 1971 as one of the poorest nations on earth,with a poverty rate of 80%,now it had reached 33th largest economy ( by PPP ) and 44th ( by GNP ) and poverty rate reduced to 15%.It is the 7th most populous country,and the most densely populated country in the world.Its capital,Dhaka,is known as City of Mosques and Venice of the East and will soon boast the 2nd tallest building in the world...

Bangladesh Armed Forces consists of Bangladesh Army ( BA ),Bangladesh Air Force ( BAF ) and Bangladesh Navy ( BN ).

The Bangladesh Army is the largest of the tri-services and is the largest UN troop donator in the world.Formed during the liberation war in 1971,this force,despite couping more than once,struggled to bring this country to what it is today - a sovereign fully fledging economy with a self reliant military to safeguard the nation.With an active personnel number of 350,000 + and the 6th largest reserve army ( around 1.5 million-2 million reserve personnel ),Bangladesh Army set on an ambitious mordernization plan to be fully deterrent against any enemy and reach the top 25 strongest nations on Earth under the Forces Goal 2030.

East Bengal Regiment - The largest and most well equipped formation in the army.

1st Para-Commando Battalion - The most trained elite soldiers in the army.

Bangladesh Air Force may be the most neglected part of the tri-services and the smallest,but under the ambitious mordernization plan "Forces Goal 2030",it will become very strong with induction of 10 squadron ( 160-240 ) units of 4++ Generation aircrafts.Formed during the Independence War,as the Kilo Flight,this force now contains Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29s and Chengdu F-7BG/BG1s ( Chinese version of MiG-21 ) as war aircrafts.


2 MiG-29 SEs,1 F-7MB and 1 F-7BG patrolling over sovereign skies of Bengal.

6 Yakolev Yak-130 AJT/Light Attack Aircraft of BAF in the hanger.

Bangladesh Navy started from a riverine navy of small gunboats and wooden boats during 1971 to a full fledged navy containing FFGs,Submarines and Aircrafts within less than 50 years of independence.This force boasts being in the 25th largest navies in the world,and under the ambitious mordernization plan "Forces Goal 2030" would try exceeding the 15th place.Also,the naval air wing would get 3 squadrons ( 48-72 units ) of fixed wing jet aircrafts and possibly helicopter carrier(s) as well as strengthening the submarine force,which already consists of 2 Chinese Ming Class submarines, by 2-4 new Kilo/Song class submarines and getting 4 VLS equipped frigates,and 6 more Stealth Heavy Corvettes/Light Frigates ( Shadhinota Class ) built locally.Also,Bangladesh Navy has been offered BrahMos ( strongest cruise missile currently ) by India and Russia,Bal E/Klub M systems by Russia,C-802A and CX-01 systems by China as shore based coastal defence system.Bangladesh navy also has SWADS ( Special Warfare Diving and Salvage ) SEAL/UDT,one of the best in the world,along with ROK Navy SEAL/UDTs and US Navy SEALs.


Formations of Bangladesh Navy,protecting the sovereign maritime territory of BanglaDesh.


SWADs underwater demolition training,around the pristine island of St.Martin,which boasts beautiful beaches and coral reefs.
Great photos , a friend of mine who is a Restaurant owner is from Bagladesh, what a great guy too he often likes to tell me about his country and its independence, like hearing his stories too.
Welcome mate ;)
Bangladesh Navy
Most of the pictures were taken when exercising with foreign navies

Great photos , a friend of mine who is a Restaurant owner is from Bagladesh, what a great guy too he often likes to tell me about his country and its independence, like hearing his stories too.
Welcome mate ;)

This video pretty much sums up the Bangladesh Air Force

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Please watch the whole video
Great video. The Mig 29 is awesome ;)

Theres more from where it came from!

Agreed here is a pic from the Bangladesh Air Force

I got more pics!


2 MiG-29UBs and 1 MiG-29SE of BAF flying in formation.


A MiG-29SE of BAF taxing towards runway for take off.


Another MiG-29 sitting on the tarmac ( probably for a photography session )


A MiG-29SE maneuvering.



First Pic : A MiG-29 in dogfight with an F-7 ( Probably F-7MB or F-7BG1 )
Second Pic : A MiG-29UB being chased by a F-7BG1


A MiG-29UB and another MiG-29SE during take-off.


Now don't get encouraged by this,smoking is bad for your health!


Two MiG-29s engaged in a hot dogfight!


4 MiG-29s flying in an formation.

By Faisal Akram from Dhaka, Bangladesh [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Well,I also have copyright for the images.
All of my posted pictures are copy righted as stolen assets!

A soldier of Bangladesh swearing the sacred oath to protect Bangladesh and to be there for his country...in peace as well as war.


Another soldier in Bangladesh risking his life for his country on a far away country,thousands of miles from his home land in UN Mission.


Two Bangladeshi soldiers of a Bangladeshi contigent patrol with a local child ( probably of Congo or Sudan ) in UN mission.


Another soldier in UN mission.


After a hard day's training.


This is our desert/savannah camo for special ops ( for UN mission )

Two F-7BG patrolling the skies of Bengal.


1 FT-7MB,2 F-7BG1,2 F-7BG,2 MiG-29 SE and 1 A-5III in formation.


The same flight except one MiG-29 SE and the A-5III are not present...You can see alot of F-7s on the ground...and a C-130 Hercules.


4 Yakolev Yak-130s in formation.


10 F-7BGs in formation during Victory Day flypast.


Old pic - 11 F-7MB in a very rare formation - something which you don't see everyday in here.


6 L-39ZA Albatros ( the attack variant ) in formation.

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A must-watch video of Bangladesh Air Force...featuring L-39ZA...One of my faves!
8 (2).jpg



BNS BangaBandhu - Named after the founding leader and the Father of the Nation,this frigate is arguably the strongest in its class in the Bay of Bengal.Orginally purchased as Ulsan Class Frigate,but modified and upgraded so heavily that you might as well call it a destroyer.With state of art sensors and missiles ( latest Otomat mk2 block IV ) theres nothing in the Bay of Bengal that could defeat it.Armed with Otomat mk2 block IV and HQ-7A SAM system ( Naval version of FM-90 SAM )


BNS Somudra Joy-"Somudra Joy" means "Sea Victory".A Hamilton Class high endurance cutter converted into guided missile frigate.One of the largest and the heaviest frigates in our inventory.Undergoing process of being armed with 180+km range C-802A AShMs and HQ-7A SAM System.


BNS Samudra Avjan - "Samudra Avjan" means "Sea Voyage/Expedition".Same as BNS Samudra Joy.


BNS Osman - First Guided Missile Frigate of BN,a Jiangwei II frigate...used to be armed with SY-01 Silkworm missiles,but replaced and upgraded with C-802 cruise missiles.


BNS Abu Bakar and BNS Ali Haider - both are Jiangwei III class frigates armed with C-802 cruise missiles.
Army conducted a "mock up" counter terrorism mission ahead of the series with England 3 days ago.
unnamed (4).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg

Whats more that they were armed with the SMG version or indigneous assault rifle BD-08 which was never seen before!
Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force both has SAM systems.

Bangladesh Army currently has FM-90N SHORADS and medium range LY-60D and both are on order.
Bangladesh Army currently has FM-90N SHORADS as well and medium range LY-80E which were ordered in 2014.

FM-90N SHORADS.( These are air force ones,the army ones are yet to arrive )
maxresdefault (2).jpg
FM-90 SAM Bangladesh.jpg

LY-60D ( on order for Army )

LY-80E ( on order for Air Force )
images (40).jpg

images (39).jpg

Army officials in civil clothes during evaluation in China...

There have been rumours that we bought Pechora Neva S-125-2M from Russia,but no official confirmation about that...All the rest shown are confirmed!
Focusing on rotor-wings now...

Helicopters of Bangladesh Air Force.
p_001 (25).jpg
p_001 (24).jpg

I will assume you mean you have posted them as 'Fair Use' for discussion and educational purposes .

Oh by the way,don't worry about copyright...In here,you can download paid movies,music and games which from the internet for free and legally!

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