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Roadside IED fortunately detonating well away from a PA armored convoy..
roadside IED.jpg
Secretary of National Defense, Delfin Lorenzana..

Rides along FA-50PH's during SANAY DATU Air Defense Exercises.

He states, "I witnessed and experienced first-hand the readiness and dedication of the Philippine Air Force to defend our air space with the platforms they have..

For our next AFP Modernization projects, we are pushing for the acquisition of multi-role fighter aircraft to boost our capability to defend our territorial airspace."

Ongoing situation as of this posting..

Around 6am this morning, Saturday May 8, 200 strong BIFF fighters have marched into a residential area and have taken hold off a public market, gov't forces are now engaging in clearing operations to flush out the fighters..

MSR leading into the conflict area has now been cordoned off.

Philippine National Police units responding to the Datu Paglas crisis yesterday..


Quite interesting that this particular unit has technical.

15th Strike Wing's tribute to a fallen hero..

“Our nation owes a debt to a fallen hero that we can never fully repay.” –Barack Obama

In Memory of CPT AURELIOS OLASO OLANO O-17054 PAF, Callsign FIREBIRD 723
CPT AURELIOS OLASO OLANO PAF is a native of Candijay, province of Bohol and was born on 12 November 1988. He started his education in Tugas Elementary School in Candijay where he graduated in 2001. He finished high school at The Sisters of Mary Boystown School in Cebu in 2005. He then took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing and earned his degree at the University of Bohol in 2009.

In 2011, he joined the profession of arms through the Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS) graduating as proud member of the PAFOCS “Mapitag” Class of 2012. His first unit assignment was with the 15th Strike Wing (15SW). He then went to flight school and earned his wings as member of the Military Pilot Training Class of 2015. A loyal "Trojan," he returned to 15SW for his first and only flight duty assignment. He was assigned to the 20th Attack Squadron “Firebirds” and flew the MD-520MG Defender attack helicopter. He also qualified as element lead after accumulating more than 500 flight hours in the aircraft.

The MD-520MG Defender is one of the weapons platforms being operated and maintained by 15SW. It was brand new then when first acquired in April 1990. Considered a light attack helicopter, it is equipped with cal .50 heavy machine gun and 7-tube rocket launcher. The MG, as it is fondly called, has been providing close air support in many counter-insurgency operations for decades now. It performed its first airstrike in Abra on February 16, 1991 in support of the AFP troops operating against NPA terrorists.

CPT OLANO took part in several significant focus military operations by the AFP. He performed surface strikes in Jolo, Sulu in support of ground troops fighting against the Abu Sayyaf terrorists. He also participated in the liberation of Marawi against the ISIS-inspired Maute Group in 2017. He was a battle-tested pilot and a man with great achievements; yet he remained humble and kind to his subordinates and peers. He was known as an officer who is dedicated to serving and rendering selfless service to the country.

On April 27, 2021, CPT OLANO together with his co-pilot and two crew took-off from Benito Ebuen Air Base in Mactan to conduct “equipment check flight” of MG520 nr 410. More than an hour into the flight, the aircraft suddenly went crashing down into the waters near the shorelines of Jetafe for reason that is still being investigated. Unfortunately, CPT OLANO was the only crew member who did not survive the crash.
CPT OLANO was posthumously awarded with "The Order of Lapu- Lapu" with the rank of Kalasag by the Commander-in-Chief of the AFP, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, for gallantry and sacrifice in service to the nation.

The 15SW extends its deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of CPT AURELIOS O OLANO PAF.

Our snappiest salute to a fallen hero, colleague, and friend!

(PCG) instructor-candidates finished the comprehensive Small Boat Operations (SBO) Instructor Development training held in Bulacan and Manila on 13 April to 14 May 2021.

Said PCG personnel are preparing to lead and facilitate the PCG’s SBO course, in support of the Boatswain's Mate training program that will be offered to further improve the skills and expertise of Coast Guard personnel in the future.

The theoretical phase of the month-long training was conducted at the Outboard Motor Center of Excellence located in Balagtas, Bulacan, while the practical phase was held at the Coast Guard Surface Support Force (CGSSF) Headquarters in Port Area, Manila.

Said initiative was made successful in collaboration with the Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the United States Embassy and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Mobile Training Team.


The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has inaugurated its first-ever search and rescue (SAR) base in the country situated in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte yesterday, 12 May 2021.

The PCG Base Siargao is a 600-square-meter and four-story building constructed in a 5,000-square-meter lot in Siargao Island donated by the provincial government. It is equipped with an automatic identification system (AIS) monitoring equipment, watch tower, helipad, and an elevated base defense zone, among others.

During the ceremony, Admiral Ursabia shared the challenges that the PCG encountered in pursuit of the first-ever PCG SAR base located in a world-class tourist destination in the country.

"It is not easy to look for an area, more so have such infrastructure for it entails significant amount of investment. Hence, Siargao Island is truly blessed dahil kayo ang kauna-unahang nagkaroon nito. If this will be a success story, our lawmakers will be easily convinced that we should have more of this kind of facility nationwide," Admiral Ursabia expressed.

With such accomplishment, Admiral Ursabia assured that competent and skilled locals of Siargao Island will be given opportunities to become part of the PCG and serve their fellow Surigaonon people at the PCG Base Siargao.

"We will certainly be recruiting locals to be members of the PCG not only in Siargao, but in the entire Caraga region. In order for us to be effective, it is better for us to get locals and train them to become patriotic, compassionate, and God-fearing public servants," the Coast Guard Commandant shared.

Admiral Ursabia furthered that two to three units of 40 fast patrol boats that will be acquired by the PCG will be assigned at the PCG Base Siargao to strengthen maritime law enforcement and improve disaster management.

More importantly, the Coast Guard Admiral said that the newly-constructed PCG infrastructure will also serve as a radar station to safeguard the island and nearby vicinity waters against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.

"We need to have a radar station here in Siargao Island so we can monitor and control fishing operations in our maritime domain in this part of the country remotely. These are high-value government assets and effective tools for us to protect our waters," Admiral Ursabia noted.
To conclude the Coast Guard Commandant reaffirmed the PCG's commitment to support the tourism industry by working with the local government in ensuring safety in the conduct of water sports and other water-related activities in accordance with international standards.

"We will certainly cooperate and collaborate, as we expect local and international tourists to come here after the pandemic. This island is a paradise rich in natural resources and a home of good people. Rest assured that we will be stewards of Siargao Island's vast marine environment, and advocates of safety of lives and properties at sea," Admiral Ursabia concluded.


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