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July 10, 1971 HMAS Sydney in her guise as a troop/material transport entering San Francisco Harbor during a goodwill visit to the United States
USS Langley, USS Mississippi, USS New Mexico, and others at anchor off Culebra island, Puerto Rico, 18 Mar 1926

Fighting Squadron 2-B Commander J.J. Clark flying a Boeing F-3B past the carrier USS Lexington (Lexington-class), circa 1931, probably along the California coast
Early November 1943, west of Guadalcanal Island. Assigned to Task Force 38, USS Saratoga is heading to Rabaul to attack Japanese warships and transports; photo taken from Douglas SBD Dauntless.
USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) arrives in San Francisco Bay, June 21, 1966, after her first Vietnam Cruise.
"...'the Golden Gate Bridge appeared through the morning haze.' Sliding 'through the mist' beneath the bridge the ship was welcomed by one of the largest celebrations given a vessel entering the bay since WWII."
CVW-9 [Carrier Air Wing 9] flew 20,076 sorties, 13,020 combat, 2 December 1965–5 June 1966, the wing proudly claiming that 'the queen of the seas was married to the king of the air wings,' made 19,131 catapult launches and 18,142 arrested landings, dropped 8,966 tons of ordnance, performed six helo rescues and spent 120 days on the line (per DANFS.)
Photos courtesy of William T. Larkin and Bill Stevenson (VA-94)


A-4Q Skyhawk fighters on the flight deck of the Argentine aircraft carrier ARA 25 de Mayo. In 1970, the sale of a batch of 16 A-4B fighters from the US Navy reserve for the Argentine Navy was authorized. The planes would be refurbished and upgraded at Tulsa Rework Facilities, a McDonnell Douglas subsidiary. Several improvements were installed, which is why the manufacturer deemed it appropriate to change the name from A-4B to A-4Q as it would be widely known in Argentina. The upgrades consisted of the replacement of the old 7,500 lb J65-W-16 reactor. of thrust by the J65-W-20 of 8400 lbs of thrust, in addition, improved navigation and communications equipment were included, actively serving in the 1970s and 1980s. By those years, the early 1980s, the Argentine Navy was incorporating the new Super Etendart fighters, for which the 3rd Fighter and Attack Squadron, made up of the Skyhawk fighters, would go on to carry out support missions such as reconnaissance, air refueling and light attack. However, the 1982 Falklands War would change all that and A-4Q Skyhawk fighters were on the front line of combat.
Type 45 Air Defence Destroyer HMS Defender begins her approach in order to conduct a RAS with RFA Tidespring (already replenishing HMS Queen Elizabeth) whilst transiting the Indian Ocean on July 23rd 2021.
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