1. AAR Galileo

    Hybrid War Meeting between USA, Russia, China and France about cyberwar

    Currently there is a "secret" meeting held near Paris this week between the USA, Russia, China and France about the cyber-war. The objectives is to prevent an escalation in case of cyber-attack from one country onto the vital interest (e.g. nuclear deterrent infrastructure, ......) to an another...
  2. NebrHogger

    Photos Unknown military pic

    Found this on a Russian site with no caption. I haven't a clue what time period, unit or country is shown. Hopefully one of you folks will recognize the uniforms.
  3. 0000.tank20OdessaDefense


    Odessa defense homemade tank.
  4. 0000.tank19OdessaDefense


    Odessa defense tank
  5. 0000.tank18


    Interior of homemade tank
  6. 0000.tank17


    Homemade tank
  7. AAR Galileo

    GMW In Moscow shadows

    A blog about the crime and Russian security.
  8. AAR Galileo

    GMW The T-14 Armata - an in deep look

    Originally published in French in the really good RedSamovar blog (about russia)
  9. DTA

    Photos Russia against terrorism (news, photo, video, discussion)

    General thread for anything related with russian fight against terrorism -------------------------- Militant killed in counterterrorism operation in Dagestan aligned with IS - committee MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. The militant who was killed during a counterterrorism operation in the Russian...
  10. BMP-2 and T-72BA 90th Guards Tank Division

    BMP-2 and T-72BA 90th Guards Tank Division


    Article Arctic Convoy JW 65: USS Thomas Donaldson Salvage

    Name Thomas Donaldson Type: Steam merchant (Liberty) Tonnage 7,210 tons Completed 1944 - Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards Inc, Baltimore MD Owner American Export Lines Inc, New York Homeport Baltimore Date of attack 20 Mar 1945 Nationality: American Fate Sunk by U-968 (Otto...
  12. Black Pawn

    Intro Hi, guys!

    Hi, guys! My name is Yaroslav (YarS for friends), I'm from Shahty, Rostov région, Russia. I was in service in the Inner Forces (now - National Guard) at 2004-2007. Now ordinary civil guy, living in Moscow, somekind of military enthusiast. My English is too poor, so I shall be very grateful if...

    Space RD-253

    Russian rocket engine RD-253 seen in the Moscow 870 birthday exhibitions 9.09. 2017 Development of RD-253 started in 1961. Preliminary investigations and development of the engine as well as its further production was performed under the guidance of Valentin Glushko and finished in 1963. The...
  14. Cobra

    Photos Kalashnikov Weapons

    Recently become interested in the Kalashnikov series of guns so thought I would start a thread , so hopefully I may learn more about them from guys who have used or still use them. some cool pics I found

    Photos A Sad Tank, Infantry, Mk III Churchill

    I took this photo at Vadim Zadorozhny's Museum of Equipment outside Moscow. It seems to be as titled above -Tank, Infantry, Mk III Churchill, Heavy? It was parked outside the restoration shed so perhaps a brighter future in due course or not . It is a bit of a sad sight but from what I can...

    Photos Historyfest,moscow

    A funded meeting from all over the world. I happened to meet some Italian tourists who were probably up to no good.
  17. Sukhoi PAK FA

    Sukhoi PAK FA

    A Sukhoi PAK FA prototype ( the prototypes are called as T-50 ) flying with grace through the skies.Mesmerizing,isn't it?
  18. Russian Submarine K21 in Kola Bay

    Russian Submarine K21 in Kola Bay

  19. pampa14

    Photos Western Wings Under The Red Star

    Wow! I share with you this fantastic and extensive report bringing a super collection of incredible, stunning and rare photos showing various types of American and British fighters in service with the Soviet Air Force during World War II. Many of the images and planes shown in the article were...
  20. diman

    Photos Russia's Military Operation In Syria

    Strike on oil storage