1. bdpopeye

    Police USA Military & Civil Police photos

  2. Kadir93

    Police Indian Police Service

    Please feel free to post any kind of images related with 'Indian Police Service'. Mumbai Police QRT cdo armed with M4 carbine with Aimpoint CompM4 sight
  3. TheKiwi

    Politics UK - man fined for hiding face from police camera

    Rest at: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/05/16/police_face_recognition/ Nice to see that 1984 is being taken as an instruction manual.
  4. Police_car_in_Sachsen-Anhalt_03.JPG


    An armoured car "Sonderwagen 4" of the Saxony-Anhalt state police, Germany
  5. Manchester Police WW2 memorial plaque

    Manchester Police WW2 memorial plaque

  6. AAR Galileo

    Article Israeli YAMAM

    On a spring evening in late April, I traveled to a fortified compound in the Ayalon Valley between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The location is not identified on Waze, the Israeli-built navigation tool, and so, as far as my app-addled cabdriver was concerned, it does not exist. Then again, the same...
  7. Xcalibur

    Police British Military & Police Forces

    Will post as many as I can here of British regular Armed Response Officers and equipment as I guess our new Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Teams will need to go to another thread. To get us started
  8. DENO

    Police Turkish National Police

    Hi everyone! I am strating this topic to post Turkish Law Enforcement Units, such as Turkish Police, Gendarmerie (only the MP branches), Coast Guard and Turkish National Intelligence (MIT) close protection officers as well... Please feel free to contrubute or comment on topic in line with the...
  9. NebrHogger

    Police Some Clippings My Wife Saved

    If I may be allowed a war story with pics... while cleaning the basement, I found a book of newspaper clippings my wife saved while we were dating. Pic on the left is "The Great Dodge Roast of 1978. A close friend and I got onto a fugitive from Texas - murder warrant as I recall. We were...
  10. diman

    Keep Working Brothers'

    Russian Robocop' defies raging Islamists with death stare as he tells colleagues ''keep working brothers'' moments before execution WARNING: DISTRESSING FOOTAGE. Magomed Nurbagandov was forced on his knees and had his hands tied behind his back but refused to yield to the savage murderer BYALEX...
  11. Bombardier

    Police Police & Policing photos

    Well I have now created the Military and Civil police Forum where we can all discuss and post photos/videos of Police related subjects. to get us started here is a photo of the UK's Military Police close protection unit insignia Here they are at work Here is a video showing some training...
  12. TRAILL, David

    TRAILL, David

    Ex RAF Lieutenant David Traill, killed in a Police helicopter in Glasgow in which he was flying along with Police Officers Kirsty Nelis, 36, and Tony Collins, 43, as they returned from a police operation on Friday evening the 29th November 2013 "Lest we forget&quot...
  13. WW1 Police Memorial

    WW1 Police Memorial

    This Memorial was erected by the Warrington Borough Police Force to commemorate their colleagues who fought and died during WW1 1914-1919 Pro Patria - For Country
  14. British police with Gas Mask WW2

    British police with Gas Mask WW2

    A Gloucestershire traffic policeman wears a sign asking the public "Have you got yours?"
  15. soldiers in action

    soldiers in action

  16. New M.O.D. Police Launch

    New M.O.D. Police Launch

    New class of MOD Police boat seen on the Clyde last weekend. No name at present, she goes under the title 70001. This 15-metres long vessel is the first of a new generation of boats built for the MoD Police to provide patrol and escort duties for the three major UK naval bases.
  17. Mixed WWI images

    Mixed WWI images

    Mouse over image for more info
  18. Sunset Patrol

    Sunset Patrol

    Imagery from the RAF Photographers Competition 2005
  19. Cutaway Smith & Wesson .38sp Military & Police

    Cutaway Smith & Wesson .38sp Military & Police

    Sidearms have come a long way from this one. I think the self-loaders have finally ousted the revolver for personal protection, not least of all because of their magazine capacity.
  20. Military Police

    Military Police

    Finnish Defence Forces - Navy - Military Police.