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A Bosnian soldier of Juka's Special Forces, armed with a light machine gun fitted with a telescopic sight, manning a front line trench in Dobrinja, a Sarajevo suburb. Early 1990s
Two Bosnian Muslim soldiers take up positions in a destroyed building at the front line in Sarajevo during a lull in the fighting. 16 Aug 1996.
Probably not the time period OP intended, but I found these pics from war in Yugoslavia in a flash drive.

Old Chetnik with lend lease Thompson

Pics showing wide variety of arms used. (even a Chauchat??)

Members of the "Serb Guards" paramilitary formations - Sarajevo Grbavica

serbian guard drinking coffee.jpg
A JNA M-84 tank disabled by a mine laid by the defenders of Vukovar in November 1991
French Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé knocked out while serving with the United Nations Protection Force in Bosnia in 1992

One of Arkan's Tigers sporting an MP5 with an A2 stock and stick mag. Also looks like he's got some sort of long gun slung on his left shoulder, perhaps a bolt gun? No idea where or when. Pulled this from a music video on YouTube for the song "Arkanove Delije" by Svetomir Ilic Miki (good song btw).

I need more photos of MP5s being used by any Serb units during the Balkan Wars. I've got a lot of photos saved of Arkan himself with his MP5SD and his MP5K, and I've found maybe 2 or three other photos but it's super hard to find any others. At least for me.

If anyone can post or reply to me with a collection of photos of Serbs with MP5s I'd super appreciate it!

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