Mil News Flora Sandes

    " Sgt Sandes, an infantry soldier in the Serbian Army, lay semi-conscious on the snowy hillside after taking the full blast of a Bulgarian grenade, and would later recall being wrapped up and bundled away like a rabbit in a poacher’s sack. “I could see nothing,” the trooper wrote. “It was...
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    Mil News Eastern & Southern Europe Military news

    Poland: The Polish government has officially signed an offset agreement with the US industry that will pave the way for the purchase of the Patriotintegrated air and missile defense (IAMD) system under the Wisla program. The Wisla program is part of the Tarcza Polskior (Shield of Poland)...
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    Photos Yugoslav Wars

    Here we are post images & videos from Yugoslav Wars. Enjoy !
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    Photos Serbian Military Photos

    Serbian SOF exercise
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    William Francis BEARY

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    Article ’Factor of Volunteerism in Wars Waged by Serbian Nation’’.Oleg Valecki-1

    ‘’Factor of Volunteerism in Wars Waged by Serbian Nation’’ Oleg Valecki Military volunteerism traditionally played a significant role in wars waged by Serbian nation. The explanation to this lies in the Serbian history itself where the state apparatus for a long time presented a...