Irish Guards Firefly moves past Sherman tanks knocked out during Operation Market Garden in September 1944
2nd Dorset Regiment troops move past a burned out M3 Lee tank near Mount Popa in Burma on April 20th 1945
Fleet Air Arm crew entering their Supermarine Walrus to be launched from the catapult of the battleship HMS King George V. March 1941.
34 Arado Ar 234 Blitz and Me 262 German aircraft shipped back to the United States aboard aircraft carrier HMS Reaper on July 20th, 1945.
2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cromwell under repair at a 29th Armoured Brigade field workshop in Normandy on August 8th 1944
22nd Dragoons Sherman Crab Flail tank knocked out in the Queen White sector of Sword Beach pictured a day after the Normandy landings on the 7th of June 1944
Seaforth Highlanders on guard duty on chalk clifftops near Dover, circa 1940-1941.
Men from 'B' Company of the 1st New Guinea Infantry Battalion on board the transport Frances Peat in November 1944 while being transported to the location in Jacquinot Bay area of New Britain where the company established its headquarters. 6th Nov 1944
Bristol Blenheim Mark IVs of No. 18 Squadron RAF flying from Malta during a low level bombing raid on Locri in Italy
M3 Stuart light tank knocked out at Derna in Libya in December 1941
Royal Engineers search for mines near a knocked out German Panther tank, near Villers Bocage, 4 August 1944.
The remains of a Universal Carrier blown up by a mine in Tilly-sur-Seulles, 19 June 1944
Commanding Officer of No. 107 Squadron Basil Embry at the controls of a Bristol Blenheim as it flies over a British tanker burning and sinking in the English Channel after it was attacked by Luftwaffe aircraft. 1st Feb 1940

Embry was shot down and captured in May 1940 but managed to escape and return to England that same year, continuing in RAF service and eventually reaching the rank of Air Chief Marshal.

Of note in this image is a fixed rear-firing 0.303" machinegun fitted behind the tailwheel that was a field modification made to 107 Squadron Blenheims.
Australian troops from the 42nd Battalion patrol on Bougainville, January 1945
OTD in 1943, Italy. Having taken cover at the side of the road after their ammunition truck was hit, they afterwards made a dash for a better position. They are Private W. Lee and Private L. Stammers
OTD in 1941, Tobruk area, North Africa. A Matilda tank crew overhauling their vehicle
OTD in 1940, Fort Horsted, Chatham. A QF (quick-firing) 12-pounder 12cwt anti-aircraft gun mounted on a Albion BY-series truck.
OTD in 1944, Italy. A 25-pounder from 266 Battery, 67 Field Regiment used as a mortar

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