Q Answered Visiting Javelin Barracks (formerly RAF Bruggen)


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Feb 3, 2015

I am hoping someone on this forum will be able to help me find out how I go about visiting Javelin Barracks (formerly RAF Bruggen). I lived there as a child from 1980-1983 when my dad was a, RAF fighter pilot on 17 Squadron (Flight Lt Robert C Wilson).

Please can you let me know the process to get onto the base? Do you need my father's old military number, any security checks to do etc? My dad and I will be making a special trip from the UK to visit before it closes end of 2015.

Bruggen holds very fond memories to our family so would like to visit one last time to go down memory lane.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

Many thanks,
Given the history you and your dad have with the base I would simply suggest that you find out the BFPO number and write to the commanding officer. I am sure he could arrange a visit for your dad.
Hi Claire, We also would like to visit RAF Bruggen as we were married there 50 years ago. I have written to the C.O. at Javelin Barracks Elmpt Station BFPO 35 but as yet have not received a reply. If you or anyone else can help we would be very grateful. I noticed that you mentioned the base is closing. We plan to visit in June so I hope we will not be too late. Thank you Ron

Congrats Ron and Missus
Take some pics when your there and show us a few here.