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Aug 11, 2013
The ZSu 23-4 'Shilka'

The Shilka was developed to provide motorised rifle Regiments from low level aerial threats and would normally operate as a pair. It had a RPK-2 'Gun Dish'radar that could pick up targets 20Km (12 miles) away and it's computer automatically locked the guns onto its target. Acquisition took approximately 20-30 seconds. The Shilka can also be used in the ground support role with radar removed and has proven successful in Russia's conflicts in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

The ZSU 23-4 Shilka was also known as the Shilka AWL and approximately 7000 -8000 were produced. The system is still widely used by some 30 countries wordwide.

The system is fitted to a fully tracked chassis with a power operated turret armed with 4 23 mm water cooled cannon with a cyclic rate of 800 to 1000 rounds per barrel per minute.

ZSu 23-4 'Shilka' in action

Type Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Place of origin Soviet Union

Service history
In service

Production history

Manufacturer Mytishchi Engineering Works (MMZ)
Produced 1964–1982
No. built About 6,500

19 tonnes
Length 6.535 m
Width 3.125 m
Height 2.576 m (3.572 m with elevated radar)
Crew 4 (commander, driver, gunner, radar operator)

Armor Welded steel, 9.2 mm turret, up to 15 mm hull

Main armament
4 × 23 mm 2A7 autocannons (AZP-23 "Amur" quad automatic anti-aircraft gun), ammunition 2,000 rounds

Engine V-6R, 6-cylinder 4-stroke airless-injection water-cooled 20 litre diesel
280 hp (209 kW) at 2,000 rpm
Power/weight 14.7 hp/tonne (11.0 kW/tonne)
Suspension Individual torsion bar with hydraulic shock absorbers of 1st, 5th left and 6th right road wheels
Ground clearance 375 mm
Fuel capacity 515 l
Operational range
450 km (road), 300 km (off-road)
Speed 50 km/h (road), 30 km/h (off-road)

More recently companies have upgraded the Shilka to extend its operational life by improving electronics, installing digital systems and mounting pods of fire and forget surface to air missiles.

This is a brief synopsis of the ZSU 23-4 so if you wish to add detail please use the comments box at the foot of the page. Many thanks
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Photo posted elsewhere by @Conhoon
@Bombardier - this is ZSU-23-4MP "Biała" (in English: "White") - Polish modification of the Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft set ZSU-23-4 Shilka. The project was developed in 2000 by the Research and Development Center in Tarnów with the participation of 4 Regional Technical Workshops in Żurawica and using the systems and devices of other Polish defense industry companies. Introduced for the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces in December 2005.
In addition to typical observation periscopes, the vehicle has observation facilities in night conditions. In the case of a driver, it constitutes TWNO-2 with a range of 60-100 meters, while in the case of the vehicle commander the device enabling observation at night is a night vision TKN-1T with a range of 200-250 meters. To use both night-vision devices, the area must be illuminated by a PG-125 infrared spotlight. External communication is provided by the standard R-123 radio in Soviet carriages, while R-124 is responsible for internal communication. Additionally, equipment ZSU-23-4 "Biała" includes navigation equipment type TNA-2, ABC weapon protection device, fire protection device or ventilation system. White has an optoelectronic Fire Control System (in Polish: System Kierowania Ogniem - SKO) with an automatic target tracking system day and night (the SKO is undetectable to the enemy), additionally doubling the firepower is equipped with a set of "Grom" anti-aircraft missiles with an effective range of about 5,500 meters.
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