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Heh, I found some more photos of the Chemical Troops of the USSR.

In the USSR, universities had special military departments. These people received a civilian profession, but were mobilized in wartime and received the rank of lieutenant. During their studies at the university, students every year for a month went to military training, they could mobilize them for exercises. For example, West-81. At military training, students often received old equipment (which lay in warehouses and which was not a pity). For example - foo of the 80s, in which students are in uniforms of the 1955 model.

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I can tell you about the demobilization work in the Soviet army... I don’t know what to talk about later. You are silent, you don’t ask questions - I’m scared!) Write, speak, I will gladly tell you about something interesting.

In the photo there is still a very young future GRU colonel of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Kvachkov.

Few people know, but in March 1999 Kvachkov proposed his plan to combat NATO aviation through Yugoslavia's ambassador to Russia, Bronislav Milosevic. Realizing perfectly well that the potential of the Serbian air defense is very depressing and the shooting down of a stealth aircraft with a missile from the C-125 is an exception, Kvachkov proposed a sabotage war on the territory of NATO countries. He believed that sabotage in terms of power outages in cities or subversive activities at military airports would significantly undermine the mood in Western society and cause chaos. Moreover, Kvachkov had previously been on a business trip in Yugoslavia under a different name and was training the Serbian special forces. As he himself stated, it was the knowledge of the combat potential of their special forces and the confidence in the success of these sabotage missions that pushed him to this idea. As a result, three days later, Kvachkov received an answer - the President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic, fearing the subsequent reaction of the international community and accusations of complicity in terrorism and extremism. declined this offer. Kvachkov responded to the Serbian authorities so that they would then prepare to lose this war. And so it happened.

The man, to be honest, is legendary. In 1959 he entered the Far Eastern Suvorov School (graduated with a gold medal). After graduation, he entered the Kiev Higher Combined Arms Command School (intelligence faculty, graduated with a gold medal).

He served in Pskov in the 2nd Special Forces Brigade of the Intelligence Directorate. 1978-1981 - student of the Frunze Military Academy (graduated with honors). Since 1981 - in the intelligence department of the Leningrad Military District. Served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany and the Trans-Baikal Military District. Participated in military conflicts in Afghanistan (1983), Azerbaijan (1990), Tajikistan (1992). In 1986-1989, he served as chief of staff of a brigade in Germany, since 1989 - commander of the 15th separate special-purpose brigade of the GRU in the Turkestan military district.

Unfortunately, modern Russia does not need such a valuable shot. In 2005, repressions began against Colonel Kvachkov - he was accused of an attempt on the life of one of the creators of the "terrible nineties" - Chubais. The case was fabricated, in 2013 Kvachkov was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Released in 2019

Okay. If you don't know what to publish, publish filmstrips. For there are many filmstrips in NShGO. Lots of. Today we have a political filmstrip for the soldiers - "Lenin on the Defense of the Socialist Fatherland." You can find this article in English yourself, the filmstrip contains a summary of it. And in general, I am posting this only for the photo.


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