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Ok friend. I understand that the movie is offensive now, Hope you and yours are doing well, take care.
Peace to your home. I in no way wanted to offend anyone, the valor of the Allied troops will forever remain in history. These soldiers honorably fulfilled their duty, defeating the most terrible enemy in the world - Nazism. These soldiers really became brothers in arms, and the meeting on the Elbe is one of the most striking examples of friendship between peoples. But in our world there is propaganda, and it is beneficial for someone to denigrate the feat of the Soviet people in World War II. And I am very offended when my American comrades are seriously watching this film. Sorry if I said something wrong - the translator gives out his jambs. The main thing is that we understood each other :)
No worries brother, Hope this day finds your family doing well. God bless.
I have already started talking about the type of troops in the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union. However, only now I remembered that I have two wonderful filmstrips: about paratroopers and pilots. They are from the same series as the wonderful filmstrip about Soviet tankmen.
Boris Nikolsky, "How the Airfield Lives". 1986 year.

I understand that it's easier to converse in your native language lads but this IS an English language site so please post only in English
(I know it's painful to translate but the big majority of members are English speakers) ;)
Эти ,издали и с пьяну еще могут быть похожи.Мог бы и более термоядерные примеры запостить?
Couldn't read or understand any of it but it looks good!! o_O?
There is little interesting for you personally. These are filmstrips for children and there is not a lot of technical information there. Still, the drawings are the coolest feature of this filmstrip!)

In general terms (about the airfield): the reporter arrives at the airfield, witnesses the training bombing, and then meets the pilot Ageev. The reporter asks how a pilot alone can fly such a machine. Ageev offers to find out if he is alone or not. They observe the technicians, enter the control class (where they take readings from the plane), and then meet the pilot Bobrikov. Pilot Bobrikov says that his son received a bad grade at school, and then lied to his father. Pilot Bobrikov did not sleep all night and was not allowed to fly. A reporter attends a training class where pilots are taught to survive an emergency landing. Then Ageev and the reporter visit the museum, learn about the past of Soviet pilots, about the Vietnamese pilot Phan Tuan, who became the first Vietnamese cosmonaut. Then they visit a weather station, a delicious dining room, searchlights, radio operators, a dispatcher. As a result, Ageev says how many people train a pilot in flight, and although he is alone in the sky, he is not alone. A small Russian-language pun.
It seems Google can recognize text from a screenshot. Have you tried this feature? If it doesn’t help, then, of course, I’m ready to tell the plots of the filmstrips in general terms.
Okay. Let me also show the filmstrip "How I jumped with a parachute", dedicated to the Soviet airborne troops. Author Boris Nikolsky, I will tell you the story at your request. A reporter already known to us arrives at a part of the paratroopers and sees the parachute training. The lieutenant, who was with the reporter, invited him to jump from a small slide, and then showed two chips: "Clamp one chip between your knees, and the other between your ankles. If they do not fall out, then you have passed the first exercise." This is necessary so as not to dislocate or break your legs during landing. The reporter did it the sixth time. Then they went to pack their parachutes. Then - jumping. When jumping, one of the fighters is tied to the plane with a long cord - a halyard. It turned out that the soldier had folded his parachute incorrectly. In the end, the reporter himself jumps with a parachute, moreover, successfully.

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