Politics Team Biden created disaster on southern US border

It must be looking to those who want to cross as their last chance before Trumps relelected. You can't fault the southern Americans, Chinese and terrorists for not accepting the invitation into the two democrat run states
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Vizcaino, who also attended the English class, said he dreams of resuming his career as a model, buying a car and taking night classes one day to become a lawyer, though he gets discouraged by the lack of control he has over his life.
Gen z migrant
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I like the peace and quiet here where I live, should they ship any here they would all starve to death or get shot while stealing or anything called a crime. There is one huge sugar mill ten miles from me and they hire South Americans to run the mill during harvest, then they all count their money and go back home. When I say they would starve to death here I actually mean it. Some 30 years ago my good friend who recently died drove through that sugar mill property and pointed out all the full time employees lived in what were really share cropper shacks when the plantation started. Every last little house sitting side by side down a long shell road were all painted Caboose Red. The people that worked there were given a credit book to buy from the company store and it was taken out each payday. Nothing surprises me living here because I can't even shop at a modern small grocer two blocks from me and get a fresh loaf of bread, which is nearing 5 bucks a loaf. They store food in a steel building behind the store and honestly I often get a loaf of bread that has turned yellow ! really pisses me off because I love fresh bread but a 20 mile round trip drive is hardly worth a loaf of bread. They do have good things like a deli but it shows that greasing the hands of a few state inspectors can do wonderful things for a small business. That loaf of yellow bread in a city like Houston or other large cities would be a fine for each loaf sitting out on the shelf.
Woah! Woah! Woah!
How in the H&%L does this work!? US & state law does not allow this!? (Unless the state assembly & governor signed some piece of legislation?)
Even then, this step will create ALL kinds of issues! Liability, for one.

Supporters say the changes would improve both agencies' diiversity, the police department's community policing efforts, recruitment and retention, and reduce discrimination.
Oh h%$l no! We DO NOT need this sort of "diversity", what drivel & tripe!!! No this step would not "improve" NOTHING! What a crock!

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