Photos Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989

had Mujahedeen shot down Soviet jet and hind by SA-7,HN-5,Blowpine?
it is difficult to say what type of aircraft was shot down by what type of MANPADS.
But SA-7(mostly its chinese copy)was most common,and Stinger was the most modern
Also soviets captured at least 12 of Blowpipe
Soviet soldiers and captured Blowpipe,circa 86
Had Mujahedeen used MANPAD more than Stinger,SA-7,HN-5?Sakr eye sam?
Any more information on this photo?Where was it taken?In what unit?Some background?
It was uncaptioned in a photoset I found on a Russian site. Title of the photos was "Retro", and included other images of all types from many yeas ago.
A group of Mujahideen inspect a captured Soviet APC from fighting with the DRA forces, just before the internal Afghanistan conflict escalated into the Soviet–Afghan War (December 27, 1979)
Soldiers of Sarandoy (Afghan Militia) and Soviet servicemen escort captured Mujahedeen fighters 1980s Afghanistan

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