Politics Situation in Venezuela (Coup in process)

But the Americans will not go in a direct confrontation with the Russians, and Putin will do everything to annoy the US so will see. It's a good opportunity for Vladimir.

if America was to attack a Russian base be it in Venezuela it would spark WW3 .... American doesn't want to see hundreds of mushrooms sprouting in US skies and the same for Russia
Military base is just a tiny spot on the map. USA can potentially bomb the hell out of rest of the country without inflicting any damage to foreign troops. Russians in order to keep the balance can bomb the hell out of any armed opposition group trying to fill up the vacuum of power. Pretty much the same scenario we have witnessed in Syria not so long ago. Current situation can easily escalate into similar clusterf*ck. No nuclear Armageddon here.

But my point still stands the increasing military presence will actually damage Russian interests in Venezuela instead of securing them. As it creates the basis for another B-movie level conspiracy theory - Biological Sadam, Dr Evil, Chemical Assad etc. This time its gonna be Nuclear Maduro - communist dictator and terrorist supporter helping Putin's nuclear blackmail in Americas backyard. The threat that has to be eliminated by all costs. My prediction is headlines like this will be all over MSM soon.
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There is some info all over the media, that an Airforce Brigadier General was killed in Venezuela.
Well, as per the reports, Air Force Brigadier General Jackson Alexis Silva Zapata together with his whole security dettachment were wiped out on the road while in transit to base.
6 bodies in bags, and no trace of the killers…. no survivors, no witnesses, nothing…. seems the hitmen just vanished in the air.
Better take it with the usual Truckload of salt, as this could well be staged, fake, or Maduro purges in motion killing suspected traitors while blaming foreign military agents.

Link from Venezuela´s military
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If this attack happens to be a real attack…. and, if you ask me....
Sounds waaaay too efective for the average level of competence Venezuelan Armed forces got us used to expect from them over the last 2 decades.
Too Many IFs, I know….
Just saying....BDP Stronk111!!! OMFGD!!!
Got some updated information, unconfirmed, as is the whole deal, So take it with the recommended dose of salt.

Seems that there were survivors after the attack…. but taking into account the number of military personnel in that convoy..... Seems that this is not your average ragtag "bandolero", or "vigilante" group making justice on its own.

6 Killed, 4 wounded (1 of them in critic condition a Major as per the reports), and additional military personnel that survived the clash without sustaining wounds. We could be speaking of 12-20 military personnel being ambushed and badly beaten taking 50% casualties, and the big fish in the lot being bagged.

Will keep you informed if I come across fresh reports.

Came across some NSFW reports with unconfirmed information & undated photos, showing unidentified bodies. Will not post links to them as they only show 3 bodies and provide no additional info about the convoy composition, number of vehicles, number of military personnel involved, weapons used, etc...
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What an absolute sh!tshow in every way.

I’ve met a whole bunch of US Army SF dudes, typically the older and closer to retirement fellas.

We never got into the weeds of UW or related tradecraft stuff, for obvious reasons.

But everything about the guys was professional competence.

I wonder if an explanation for this might be the rumours of recent SF soldiers doing too much direct action door kicking and not enough UW/FID may be true.

These guys were reportedly CIF/CRF, so maybe the doorkicking went to their head and they forgot their unit’s bread & butter and raison d’être.

With the implosion of OPEC and energy prices, Venezuela is one of the most vulnerable oil exporting countries.

The level of hurt is going to go up for Venezuelans regardless.

Cyber and non kinetic UW is probably being applied by others in a more subtle and professional manner than this clown car crash.
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Aaron Berry, former US special forces operator and member of the terrorist group, detained by Venezuelians.
Wears nice shirt in detention. Seems someone has a special kind sense of humor there. I mean, non venezuelian one. :)