Article Officer died from friendly fire in California bar gun battle in Nov. 8th

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Mar 6, 2018
During the last mass shooting in California in Nov. 8th, an officer was killed by mistake by a fellow officer.

As terrified people scrambled out of broken windows, screaming and bleeding and fleeing a mass shooting inside a California bar, Sgt. Ron Helus and a highway patrolman decided to try to stop the gunman, running in together with assault-style rifles to what turned out to be an ambush.
Almost immediately inside the dark and smoky bar, the gunman fired on the officers, hitting Helus five times. They retreated and returned fire.
What happened next is every officer's worst nightmare: One of the patrolman's bullets hit his fellow policeman, piercing his heart and killing him.
Unfortunately it's an occupational hazard in a situation like this. They were ambushed by someone who knew what he was doing and they had to enter a crowded scene and met with fire immediately on entering.

I feel for the officer that fired the fatal round, he will live with it for the rest of his days regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

My thoughts are with both officers (there by the grace of God go I)
A terrible tragedy my thoughts go out to the families of both officers and any others that were injured.

The finding that Helus was killed by another lawman did not diminish the heroism shown by both men, and no one is to blame but the gunman himself, Ayub said.
Very true
That why I am really worried when some people brag that they can kill an active shooter in a dark theater if they are allowed to carry a weapon. When bullets start to fly in the dark you don't know who is who.

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