Politics Nevada may be bringing back a form of company town


Mi General
MI.Net Member
Apr 8, 2018

While this will be good for big corporations, I'm not sure how good this will be for everyone else. For starters, startups will likely have to form in traditional communities, where the current arrangements would provide less than a level playing field. Also, this will give big corporations an even greater say in government than it already has. Additionally, it will help propel more corporate men into the higher levels of state and national politics as the local governments are usually the farm club for the politicians at the higher level.

Another issue is the use of 3 person boards. That will make the body much less representative of the citizens than the typical city council or county commission which normally has 7+ members from my experience.

It would seem to me that a better solution would be for the local counties and municipalities to revise their laws, along with reform at the state level, so no one company gets too much say and the playing field applies equally to all.

One thing of interest here is the sponsor of the bill, specifically a Democrat. Traditionally in the last 60 or so years, Democrats would have opposed something like this as it appears to give too much power to corporations. Now, this bill seems very much aimed at benefitting their new patrons, the Silicon Valley Elite.