Arnold von Winkelried's deed in the Battle of Sempach. by Konrad Grob

The Battle of Marignano. Swiss vs landsknecht.
Another piece by Ayvazyan. Battle of Navarino Bay (also Pylos) in the N-W of the Peloponnese peninsula on 20th of October 1827. The battle went beetwen allied British-French russian fleet, Greek coastal defence and Turkish fleet. It came as an utter defeat for Ottoman forces an became one of the major episodes of Greek struggle for independence.

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10th SFG by Stuart Brown.

10th-Special-Forces-Group-1024x480 (1).jpg


Comment to the piece: "10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), founded by Colonel Aaron Bank on June 19th, 1952 and built on the foundations of the Office of Strategic Services and the 1st Special Service Force, is America’s Original Special Forces Group. Among their many areas of expertise, 10th Group stands alone as America’s special operations experts in extreme cold weather environments. "
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