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  1. 2/1Kiwi

    Collectables Insignia Collectors

    Anyone collect recent/modern insignia and looking to trade? I have a large collection of foreign(Non NZ) items to trade for NZ or NZ related items. Cheers Dan
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    IDF 274 (691) Brigade emblem
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  4. Gnarlycharlie

    Photos Military art

    Another thread on military art. There are already a couple of them here, but neither had been running long so I think there's still a quite a bit to cover. However, I have doubts whether this thread is even necessary because most art I see is posted in galleries. And this leaves a question - is...
  5. flypaper

    Photos Russian Federation Cossack Patches

    The Russian Cossack Troops have been steadily enlarged over the last few years. Many military historians claim that most have just tagged the "COSSACK" label onto then selves and are not true decedents of the steppes Cossack...... this being especially true of the new Russian Cossack's
  6. flypaper

    Photos Russian Federation Metal Parachutist insignia

    on the 98th and 36th Guards badges the different insignia may also be awarded to how many jumps were made rather than rank.
  7. flypaper

    Photos USSR and Russian Federation Navy ship insignia

  8. RL64RL

    Article USAF ICBM Patches (Link)

    I'm a big fan of flight suit patches . . . here's a great link for USAF ICBM patches. Enjoy. RL
  9. USS_Gerald_R._Ford_(CVN-78)_crest


  10. flypaper

    Photos US Army Patches from IOF/OEF most local made.

    a sample of some US Army ground units IOF/ OEF patches
  11. flypaper

    Collectables US Army 1st Cavalry-227th Aviation Bn. OIF Patches

    Here is a handfull of just a few of the 1st Cav's 227 Avn. Bn. patches that evolved during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  12. Canadian Forces Military Police

    Canadian Forces Military Police

  13. Canadian Forces Medical Service

    Canadian Forces Medical Service

  14. Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

    Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

  15. Canadian Forces Logistics Branch

    Canadian Forces Logistics Branch

  16. G2 Intelligence

    G2 Intelligence

    G2 Intelligence (Canada)
  17. Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

    Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

  18. 444 Combat Support Squadron

    444 Combat Support Squadron

    444 Combat Support Squadron (Canada)
  19. Royal Canadian Engineers

    Royal Canadian Engineers

  20. Royal Canadian Horse Artillery

    Royal Canadian Horse Artillery