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Jul 11, 2017
Hi all, first time poster wondering if somebody could help with an incredibly minor question but one that's annoying me. In the decent Afghanistan war flick Kajaki: The True Story, the medics assigned to 3 Para wear t-shirts with an odd insignia- attached pic is the best grab I could get, apologies for the low quality. The insignia appears to be a combination of the Royal Army Medical Corps' rod of Asclepius, but with wings à la a caduceus, and an eagle on top for good measure. Any idea if this is a real insignia, and if so what its significance is? Buggered if I can find any other examples of it online.

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Hello @JPMaybe and welcome to MI.Net

Have to say I have watched that film a few times and never noticed that insignia before, cant say I have ever seen it, the lack of references on the web would suggest it is fictitious one but cant think why they would do that on a film depicting a real event.

The other option is that it has been created by the regiment, when I have been to say Northern Ireland and the Gulf 1991 our units made up their own T shirts and Sweat tops, perhaps this is something like that?

The Eagle atop of the badge reminds me of an air mobile/air assault brigade/unit

Sorry this might not be helping, just brain storming :)

I will keep looking around. Mil-smile01
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