Some pictures of MIA interior forces

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Training for quick mobilization in cases of emergency

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Other than Motorbikes, a fine woman and a good Scotch I love Gun Porn the most

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Good news has just arrived, Georgian government bought large number of M4 rifles from Colt which will completely replace AK-74 from Georgian Armed Forces
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If I had a choice of the m4 or the Ak47 I would likely choose the M4. It has a smaller caliber but is much more accurate by all accounts. especially with a good quality optic.

Here is an article I read as a result of you posting this news about the Georgian Army getting the M4 to replace the ageing AK47 rifles.

M4 Vs. AK-47: Is U.S. Army Outgunned in Afghanistan?
Was or is Kaplan in service? I hope not. He's an idiot. I'd get it if he'd compare
the M4/M4A1 to AKS74u... Don't get me wrong. Both are great firearms. The AK47 is a legend. But this... this is an insult. It's like comparing the F16V to underpants in a dryer. Generations apart.

" M4 rifle's light bullets lack sufficient velocity and killing power in long-range firefights." This. This is some serious bullcrap. If you want to fight the enemy and keep your distance, you go in with a DMR. Not the M4 or the AK47 for that matter. These are nor designed for long-range firefight.
I think that replacing the AK74M with the M4 is unfortunate. Buy the M4 but keep the AKs. If you mount the AK74M with something decent that, for example, offers BDC (though the BelOMO is crap which I would use only as a melee weapon), you've got yourself a sick 600m precise shooting firearm. That being said, the M4 is deadly at 350m. Hitting a steel plate target at 500m and beyond is very difficult. Not to mention something on the move.
Thanks @saiga Unfortunately I was basing my preference on things I had read as I have no experience with either gun really, I have fired the AK47 but not much. As you know here in the UK we have no firearms and so I have a huge hole in my life and as such little knowledge other than what I read mil-smile05

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