Photos From Korea to the Falkland Islands - colourised images of conflicts after World War II.

Dutch troops of the U-Brigade Group in conversation with locals in Padang, Sumatra in November 1946.

1st Lieutenant H.H. Bronkhorst of the Dutch Marine Brigade in conversation with a man identified as "Pak Dahlan" (right), a local guerilla leader in Probolinggo area and his adjutant (center) during a ceasefire on February 13, 1948.


Hakens, H
Marine Brigade Collection
Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot Nikolai Skomorokhov after returning to his native village of Lapot, Saratov region. 1946


He made 605 sorties, conducted more than 130 air battles, shot down 46 enemy aircraft personally and 8 in a group. Never been wounded, and never been shot down.
US Marine Lance Corporal David L. Cruz tunes into the latest news on the Apollo moon landing on a helmet-mounted transistor radio while standing guard at Da Nang’s Marble Mountain, on July 17, 1969. In background is a tall Buddhist figure found in many limestone caves of the mountain.


Color by Gavin Daniel Wieszala
Turkish Brigade private Rıza Işık sharpen his bayonet during the Korean War before engaging the enemy.



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