Rant Dying Iraq vet calls Bush a murderer

That is a powerful statement, I don't feel qualified to support or argue against.
Of all people this man has earned the right to say his piece and air his anger.
Thank you for your service Tomas Young..
I too feel some reticence in replying to this thread. I assume it is legitimate, not some internet ploy or bad attempt at some political pandering about the validity or not of the war in Iraq. Regardless, assuming the man in question is actually the one responsible for the words, I agree that he has earned the right to believe what he says and to write this letter with the intended effect on those who read it. I have no doubts and no problem with his bitterness and his anger against those who he sees responsible for the many deaths and much continued suffering by those who fought this war. The warrior is always the first and the last to endure the agony of a war that seems to always be started and ended by those with the least to risk. I have my own long list of similar people and situations from a different war that I also must admit has a lot of bitterness and anger associated with it. This man is living a life that has lost all goodness in it and he feels the need to express publicly what he has lived with privately for so many years. This takes courage and personal sacrifice, two attributes that he still possesses. This man is a real hero to people like me and his suffering and his public cry for justice and a day of reckoning for those he holds accountable for his living hell are very understandable and very credible to me.
Semper Fidelis Tomas Young

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