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Jan 15, 2006
ive just seen the news and they have now banned all deactivated weapons..... i don't know how you feel about this but up to last year i did have a few and displayed them in the pub, i had a S.L.R/SA80.H+C G3 and a 303 L.E., i was ordered by the licensing police to get rid of them or they were going to shut me down.......this of course i did even though there were no laws getting broken, as there were no laws saying that i couldn't own them or display them..... it was just better not to fall out with the police as they could have made my life hell.....the deactivation laws made it quite impossible to reactivate any weapon as the barrels were totally blocked all moving parts had to be welded and the sliding blocks had to be cut in half and welded......so why ban them?...... i know that some di**heads have used deactivated weapons to rob banks.... but they of course were nuts.....most people who do/did collect them are normal sensible chaps.....but now cant..........whats next i wonder......model trains??????????
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I feel sorry for you guys in England, your lawmakers are a bunch of idiots to think that Deactivated weapons are a threat is just stupid, but you have to obey the law or they will close down your business sounds like a Communist dictatorship to me!
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