Canadian Para Smocks



Anyone seen these before?, Issued to the now disbanded Canadian Airborne Regiment. These can still be worn in British service since Canada is a British Commonwealth country.

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Ive seen both of these before and snipers in the canadian military still use DPM becuse"It blends better than CADPAT" but honestly I think CADPAT works just fine. the US marine scout snipers still prefer BDU's "woodland" and DCU's "desert" camo over the new "digies" MARPAT.US army snipers still prefer BDU's over the new ACU's but they like them in semi-arid and desert terrains.
I was there when the Regiment did it's last parade, it was a solemn and totally unneccessary evolution. Politicos meddling with what they know nothing about, to placate a civilian electorate that doesn't know S**T from Shinola!!!

Bob, sal;
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These can still be worn in British service since Canada is a British Commonwealth country.

Crap. There's no such rule. All outer layers must be in British DPM.

This smock would probably qualify, but only because of the DPM pattern. There is NO rule that says you can wear commonwealth kit. Stop telling porkies.
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Well done ! Between you and Bombardier, imposters and scammers beware.
Well done mate!, in the most drunken state that I am in, thank you (Y)
I will post a more reasoned response when I am sober............goood night
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Bravo Zulu,solthumsolthum I was tiring of his nonsense, and as stated before posers and scammers beware,box; this is not your garden variety site.

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He tried to join as Parsecboy yesterday, seems he wont take no for an answer.

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