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Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier HMS Prince of Wales pictured departing from Portsmouth Naval Base May 1st 2021.

2013. HMS Illustrious sails into Valletta, Malta to begin a five-day informal visit by the Response Force Task Group in order to conduct Wider Regional Engagement. Taken by Leading Airman Dean Nixon
HMAS Melbourne conducting damage control drills off Thistle Island, Spencer Gulf, SA, 3 March 1960

The drills gave the crew experience in managing the ship in a simulated damaged condition. Ballast tanks would be flooded alternatively to port or starboard, then steering exercises were done at different speeds to determine handling characteristics. The trials would last most of the day
HMS Prince of Wales moored off the Dorset coast 6th May 2021. In the foreground is The Cobb, Lyme Regis
On 16 May 2019, USS John C. Stennis arrived in her new home port of Norfolk, Virginia in preparation for her refuelling and complex overhaul (RCOH) in 2020. RCOH is expected to be completed sometime in the mid 2020s
US Navy aircraft carrier USS Forrestal (CVA-59) under construction, general view from aft, 28 April 1953. Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. photo
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September 2020, USS The Sullivans joins RFA Fort Victoria and HMS Queen Elizabeth to form a new carrier strike group.
Decommissioned and stricken, the aircraft carrier USS SARATOGA ( CV 60) awaits her fate at Coddington Cove, Newport, Rhode Island on 18 June 2014. C P Cavas photo
Admiral Kuznetsov sailing with Pyotr Velikiy in 2016, possibly during their deployment near Syria.

Admiral Kuznetsov with supply ship Boris Chilikin.

Admiral Kuznetsov from starboard-side, possibly in Murmansk. 2016
FS Tonnerre (L9014) enters naval base Sasebo, May 2021

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