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Apr 12, 2005
[h=5]Ashworth and Dobbin began their assault at 4.55pm. They climbed a perimeter wall and jumped into an alleyway. Ashworth threw a grenade ahead and they advanced, weapons at the ready, to an open area and a vegetable garden where they were joined by another soldier providing cover.

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[/h]Killed by his own grenade in last stand against the Taliban: Military report reveals for first time.
Corporal Ashworth had volunteered for a dangerous solo assault on a compound where a Taliban sharpshooter was holed up and refusing to surrender.

Such a sad loss of a brave and promising young man.
We cannot let this man's sacrifice and all those lost before him be forgotten

Lest we forget R.I.P Lance Corporal Ashworth VC
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I have just requested permission from the Daily Mail to use this as an article on MI.Net.
I will keep you posted sal;

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