1. Иван Феоктистов

    Photos Reconstruction of the Soviet police

    Hello. My good friends from the city of Vladimir are engaged in the reconstruction of the image of the Soviet militia of the 1980s. I think it will be interesting for you to take a look.
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    The B-17 that portrayed Memphis Belle in the 1990 film
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  4. Cushman Airborne Scooter

    Cushman Airborne Scooter

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  11. saiga

    The Big Carnuntum Roman Festival

    Römerstadt Carnuntum not far away from Vienna is the place to be each year around May-June as it hosts the very popular Römerfest. Visit the page of the reborn city of emperors here This year´s Roman festival is planned from 28th May to 12th June...
  12. Bombardier

    Photos Ww2 Living History Association

    Although this is a webiste and would normally be placed in the 'Good Military Website' section I have been allowed by the WW2 Living History Association to use some of their photos so I think this is the best place for it. This is how the Association describe themselves You should visit...
  13. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry cap badge

    Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry cap badge

    Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry cap badge which belongs to a Slovak reenactor. Picture was taken during the very popular Sahara event in my country.
  14. saiga

    Photos Waterloo 1815

    Last years' anniversary of the battle at Waterloo was one of the greatest reenacment events in Europe in history. The one battle which marks the end of Napoleon's turbulent reign, the end of more than 15 years of wars, and the end of an era was reenacted by 5.000 participants. 100.000 visitors...
  15. saiga

    Photos American Civil War Reenactment

    Found this photographer´s profile today, amazing collection I´d say.
  16. saiga

    Photos Battle Of Znaim 1809

    The battle of Znaim (Czech Rep.) occurred during the days of 10th-12th July 1809. It was the last battle of the main front of the Franco-Austrian War of 1809. A four-week armistice followed. On 14th October then, the hostilities ceased due to the signature of the Treaty Of Schőnbrunn. Thus ended...
  17. Bombardier

    Photos Re-enactment Forum

    Thanks for the suggestion @saiga As I know nothing about re-enactment I will watch this forum with interest Here are a couple I found in our galleries
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