1. morris

    Video WW2 propaganda

    Die Deutsche Wochenschau (The German Weekly Review) was the unified newsreel series released in the cinemas of Nazi Germany from 1940 until the end of World War II. This was last one.
  2. NebrHogger

    Photos Italian propaganda posters from WW2

    Since Mussolini insisted upon joining Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, patriotic posters like these were printed to bolster public support of the Italian expedition. Of course, Italians fought well enough but were unable to defeat "General Winter". Only a small percentage of the ill-fated...
  3. colin traveller

    Video Documentries , Goverment propaganda Films etc

    .....................................WW2 Orientated and based
  4. Royal Flying Corps Advertisement

    Royal Flying Corps Advertisement

  5. Kaiserschlacht

    Photos Old Military Recruiting Posters

    I thought this was a good idea to share old military recruiting posters from every parts of the world. If there's already a thread about the same subject,or is in the wrong section,thank you to merge/move this thread. @Bombardier - I start with this French one,dating back from 1781(!). In...
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  10. Pro-Axis Poster

    Pro-Axis Poster

    A poster supporting the Axis side and showing Japanese Zero-Sen aircrafts bombing allied positions.This and other similar posters were put over all cities of Bengal especially current day Dhaka,but the ruling British East-India Company strictly took action against it.Only a very few remain...
  11. German SS Recruitment Poster

    German SS Recruitment Poster

    A German recruitment poster asking Dutch citizens to join the Nederlandsche SS. Approximately 7000 citizens joined. The poster reads "Dutch, For your honor and conscience on! Against the Bolsheviks the Waffen SS calls you!"
  12. Freies Deutschland

    Freies Deutschland

  13. War propaganda poster

    War propaganda poster

  14. War propaganda poster

    War propaganda poster

  15. Poland Must Be Free Propaganda Card '40-'44

    Poland Must Be Free Propaganda Card '40-'44

  16. German propaganda poster WW2

    German propaganda poster WW2

  17. Stukas Attack

    Stukas Attack

  18. Nazi Propaganda WW2

    Nazi Propaganda WW2

  19. Nazi war propaganda

    Nazi war propaganda

  20. Estonian war propaganda

    Estonian war propaganda