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    Politics German Politics & News

    Two months from now, 60.4 million Germans will be called to the ballot box to determine the successor of Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany. The elections fall into a time of great polarisation. The campaigns are rife with personal scandals (e.g. plagiarism by Greens leader Annalena...
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    Politics Facebook dealt blow in landmark free speech case

    The Federal Court of Justice of Germany has ruled that Facebook's terms and conditions violate users' rights. The ruling was based on a lawsuit by two Germans whom Facebook had banned for thirty days each for snide remarks on refugees. The FCJ has now ruled that in doing so, Facebook unduly...
  3. WWI German air ace Heinrich Gontermann with Albatros-Flugzeugwerke D.III

    WWI German air ace Heinrich Gontermann with Albatros-Flugzeugwerke D.III

    WWI German air ace Heinrich Gontermann with Albatros-Flugzeugwerke D.III
  4. 1280px-Polizeioldtimer_VW_und_Audi.jpg


    A Volkswagen 412 and Audi 100 police car in the police vehicle museum of Marburg, Germany
  5. Autobahnpolizei_Niedersachsen_Fahrzeug.jpg


    Lower Saxony State Police highway patrol car, Germany
  6. Heligoland_Police_car.jpg


    An electric police car made by Piaggio which used to be posted on the small German offshore island of Heligoland
  7. Police_car_in_Sachsen-Anhalt_03.JPG


    An armoured car "Sonderwagen 4" of the Saxony-Anhalt state police, Germany
  8. German armored trains

    German armored trains

    Panzerzug BP42 in 1943
  9. German armorred trains

    German armorred trains

    German Panzerzug #30 in Russia
  10. German armored trains

    German armored trains

    Captured Soviet Armored Locomotive in German service
  11. German armored train

    German armored train

    German "Panzerzug" or armored train with 38T Tank
  12. AAR Galileo

    Other Post EuroSatory 2018 - Photos and videos

    some news from eurosatory 2018 KNDS (Nexter/KMW) show what can be the next french-German MBT. The best of the Leo II and the Leclerc. Hull from the L 2A7 and turret front the Leclerc. there is 6000Kg left for improvement...
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    Mil News Western Europe Military News

    Taken from Sky News 2100 hrs 23/04/14 Silky Two Russian bombers which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter. The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev 95s, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland. They were turned away from Britain when an RAF Typhoon was...
  14. East German T-54Z

    East German T-54Z

  15. Sea mines

    Sea mines

    WW2 German type
  16. Sea mines

    Sea mines

  17. Sea mines

    Sea mines

    German moored type
  18. 2405


  19. CWAC in Germany 1945

    CWAC in Germany 1945

    Members of the first contingent of CWAC personnel to enter Germany, June 12 1945. (Left to Right: Sergeant Jane Shaddoch, Private Polly Pollybank, Private Martin Macpherson at the rear
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