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Thanks:) These were taken with Canon 5D mark III + Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II. But in sunny conditions like I had, you can great results even with much cheaper gear. And when it comes to sports, I feel a bit limited by the continuous shooting speed. There are definitely better options for sport photography (90D and especially mirrorless cameras).
The light seems very nice indeed and the results are pleasing to the eye. I didn't have such a great luck with the rainy/overcast/darkish weather during the race. I was testing my Nikkor 24-70 1:28G.
I am a Canon guy so I don't know Nikon stuff, but that looks like a great lens! What body did you use?
Oh nice! I've heard only good things about this one. My 5D is also a second hand. And so far everything works, even though I accidentaly dropped it from about 1 meter onto concrete a few weeks after I bought it 😬 Luckily it's sturdy enough :)