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Feb 22, 2015
The Yom Kippur War
The Was a war fought by Israel and the coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel in 1973
Most of the battles were fought in Arab areas with the exception of some isolated attacks in Israel.
The war was started by the Coalition of Arab states when they sprung a surprise attack on Israel inside occupied territories
during Yom kippur

Here are some pics with licences provided by Creative Commons (CC)

yom kippur Bridge_Crossing.jpg
Egyptian military trucks cross a bridge laid over the Suez Canal on October 7, 1973
Image "Public Domain"

Israeli Tank on the Golan Heights
Image "Public Domain

Israeli Tank crossing the Suez canal
Creative Commons licence (image IDF Israeli defence forces

Destroyed Israeli M48 Tanks on the banks of the Suez Canal
Image "Public Domain"
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An interesting but emotive subject

Like it or not the Israeli defence forces have grown from nothing, to one of most effective war machines in the world.
I suppose their success was driven by the fact that they had to be able to win battles or lose everything. As far as I am aware they have never lost a battle but have suffered as a nation along the way to the present times, although they still remain on the alert, choosing to defend by attacking at every opportunity seems to be the norm. (thats not a criticism just an observation).

The earliest israeli combatants were (I believe) "The Hashomer" and were armed with nothing more that small arms and knives to defend themselves against the turkish Empire who occupied the area until I think 1918.

Another defence Force was created in the 1930's and was supported by zionist Charles Orde Wingate. It was called "The Hagana".
Wingate helped train them and turn them from a defensive force into a force willing and able to take the fight to the enemy.

I am sure our learned members will be able to add to my brief synopsis.
I like it Pretorian, interesting facts

The IDF is thought to be one the most professional, effective forces in the world because of its skill in developing new equipment and tactics. their tactics and intelligence models are studied by Militaries around the world.
I like the IDF's newest tank the Merkava (meaning chariot)
It has a nice low profile, is cost effective and easy to maintain.

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