Bougainville Campaign. 14 April 1945. Private J. E. Davies, 2/24th Australian Infantry Battalion, conceals himself behind a tree with his trusty Bren gun during an attack against the Japanese at the Hatai Junction on Buin Road.
OTD in 1944, Geilenkirchen area, Germany. Sergeant A. Schofield and Trooper O. Jeavons from 1 SAS. The jeep is armed with five Vickers "K" guns, self-sealing tanks and fitted with armoured glass shields
This day in 1940, the first major Luftwaffe air raid was launched against Birmingham, around 440 bombers attacked the city, killing 450 people and injuring 540. Around 400 tonnes of high explosives were dropped during the raid
20 November 1943, Italy. A Bren gun team from 2 Cameronians, high up in the mountains.
OTD, 1941. Light Cruiser HMS DUNEDIN is sunk by U-Boat in the Atlantic. There were only 67 survivors from the crew of 483. The word Dunedin comes from the Scottish Dùn Èideann, which in English becomes Edinburgh.
23rd November 1941. The South African 5th Brigade are decimated after being overrun by German panzers. Rommel sought to break through Sidi Rezegh with a massed tank attack. The 5th Brigade would be destroyed, never to fight again as a unit.
OTD in 1943, Italy. Often frowned upon. snipers. Lance Corporal A.P. Proctor cleaning his rifle.
(1943.) Workers from J & F Pool Ltd have been rewarded a trip to see their handiwork in action after producing 1 million mortar bombs
OTD in 1944, Faenza area, Italy. Sappers from 225 Field Company disarming IEDs.
24th November 1941 Matilda tank, named 'Phantom', of 42nd Royal Tank Regiment in North Africa.
24th November 1941 The crew of HMS Marigold jubilantly pose for photograph at Gibraltar a week after sinking U-433. It was believed that U-433 was responsible for sinking HMS Ark Royal. The crew would be affectionately known as the Avengers of Ark Royal.
24th November 1941 Indian troops move forward in lorries, supported by a Light Tank Mk VI, 24 in North Africa.
24 Nov 1944. Dutch boys helping to clean an AEC Matador lorry in the village stream
24th Nov 1941, Tayport beach. Members from the Mine Recovery and Disposal Squad towing a naval mine with the aid of a Bren gun carrier from Polish 1 Corps
24 Nov 1944, Geilenkirchen area, Germany. Rain or no rain. REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) troops working to repair the track on a Sherman tank
24 Nov 1944, Holland. Life in the trenches. Troops from 1 South Lancashire.
24 Nov 1942. The 4" guns from HMS Derwent and the carrier HMS Illustrious.
24 Nov 1944. A mine-detecting party from 3 Infantry Division. Note the special protective clothing and "skis" to spread the man's weight on the ground.
24 Nov 1943, Devonport Dockyard. "Losers in the Atlantic Battle", i.e. U-Boat personnel
24 Nov 1940, Chatham area. A posed photo of a lance-corporal from the East Surrey Regiment

Another posed phot of the East Surries

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