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Feb 29, 2004
In the mid 70’s I was on a full tactical exercise with 94loc and on the steps of one of our drone launchers, one of the REME guy’s whilst doing some repairs had left a folder open with a sheet of white paper showing,

along comes SSgt jack Owen (who was a Follicle Challenged) and says “what’s that doing there this is a tactical exercise is some one trying to give the game away, that piece of paper can bee seen by a passing aircraft”, so I piped up “in that case you’d better put your beret on then staff,” people around thought it funny but not jack, a total sense of humour failure. And me? well after that I was peeling potatoes for the rest of the exercise.
Now see, in SF we never bothered with potatos, you would have been safe.
Oops D you should have kept quiet shouldnt you?, funny comment though sounds like something I would have said. LOL :mrgreen: