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Sep 9, 2021
Hello everyone,
My name is Steve (Most people call me Akula as I have a B.A. in Russian Language & History). I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I served in the RNZAF eventually reaching the rank of Flt Sgt. I retrained as a computer engineer once I left service (not a lot of jobs available that required the handling & destruction of live munitions in New Zealand).
I worked freelance (as a computer engineer) in the defense & security industry for several governments. I have retired now (which I rather enjoy). I used to have a large firearms collection but I could see the writing on the wall as far as additional government restrictions, so I sold them to concentrate on expanding my collection of military & historic photographs. I have just over 28,000 photos in my collection oldest are glass plate negatives from the 1800s. My areas of interest cover almost any area of the military, but I do have a soft spot for the East German Armed Forces (Airforce in particular) & have made many close friends as a result. So that's me & thank you for allowing me to join & the nice welcome email.
Regards to you all - Steve (AKA - Akula)