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Apr 8, 2008
I'm Rich MacKinnon, a unique military career and an addict of British Armour. YEs, I'm nutters. I own a Humber Pig.

I also belong to the REME Past and Present forum, where I am the Honourary Artificer- something that I take very seriously and am very proud of.

I have a collection of N.I. related items that will go with Sgt Major Fatlad when he finally gets off his arse (well...when I get off mine and get him running!) for numerous parades, military vehicle rallies and the annual Scottish festival.pipes;

And I can't wait to show up for the Ancient Order of Hiberian's St. Pat's Parade! You can't have bunch of vocal IRA supporting yobbos with out a squirt pig to cool 'em down!

Doc MacKinnon
Welcome Doc (Y)

How about some pics of your collection especially the pig, inside and out
Welcome to the site, Rich. welc. We're neighbors. I've lived in Florissant since 1972.