Photos Ukrainian Hip Mi-8 digital camo Zvezda 1/72


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Apr 9, 2019
Greetings Folks,

When I opened the box I found there were some Soviet stars and a few numbers only, so I thought I do something different, and when I was looking for Mi-8 if you type only that you get mobile phone pictures so I added Hip as well after few minutes of scrolling I came a crossed Ukrainian's Hip and it looks striking since I had some experience with digital camo thought why not. However, there is artistic freedom in making I tried 2-3 references and choose the easiest digital markings I could do also and also no exact helicopter has this camo. It was 2 days of masking for like 30 minutes of airbrush? I silly mistake and back to square one and start masking the whole section which is quite time-consuming, But when I peel off the masking tapes I was super joyous, it was really tedious and perseverance work, making small slices then putting on it. For paint as usual due to pandemic have a limited choice so it more of artistic color and do a bit of trial and errors sometimes a bit frustrating as well. yes, there is some problem with the kit but during this time I am okay with it and enjoyed building it. I tried to bend the rotor a little but it broke into two half so it was no, no. I tried to take some pictures today but it raining for the last few days however on someplace there was a little pool of water and I placed the hip there and surprisingly look nice, will put more pictures as the weather improve with plain background for the time being here it is, hopes you guys approved it and thank you for watching. Cheers.








Nice digital camo. You even got wire detail. I like it.
Just by my taste, I would add more weathering and dirt effects to make it more worn.
Keep it good work.


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